Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

my almost one year old
Linking up to Becky's Seriously Thursday.
Seriously, it's THE THURSDAY before Kie's BiG FIRST Birthday Bash!
I've been running around like a crazy lady.
Of course, I planned NOT to be acting like this but I like the pressure.
So, this isn't some extravagant birthday...mainly just lots of great friends and family---and lots of great food who all are celebrating a very special and handsome baby boy...
Who needs to stop growing up so fast!
Seriously, time?! STOP!

I don't have much time to go into all the stuff we have going on this week right now but I'll share a few pictures.
Btw, our cold front is coming in today and I'm ready for the weather to level out some.
Texas weather never can make it's mind up.

Also in this very busy week of planning birthdays and working...
TOMORROW is my husband's birthday!
I feel awful because we will be spending the evening working on getting the final touches for Kie's party and I'll be cooking.
Luckily though, I did get him a few awesome gifts and have some surprises up my sleeve.
They just may have to wait until this weekend is over.

Well I hope everyone is having a SERIOUSLY great Thursday.

Until next time,
love that happy face
Where me and Kie sit and watch the world go by

Kie going through my wallet...they learn early ;)
How Lil Man sleeps

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  1. Love your Seriously?! post! Come say hi!

    xoxox...Hannah @ A Lovely Mess :)


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