Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday J!!

Happy Birthday to the SEXIEST man in the world!!!
*well he is to me, and that's all that matters!*

I love you SO very much Justin Knuth!
 my best friend, 
my partner in crime,
my team captain,
my better half,
my lover,
my blanket hogger,
my bohiney spanker,
my bun slicer,
my dance partner,
my sous chef,
my griller machine,
my Wii loser,
my dart cheater,
my baby daddy,
my walking buddy,
my swim captain,
my merry maid
my manicurist,
my wakeboard coach,
my future, 
my past, 
my present...
(and so, SO much more)

You're an amazing man..
So generous,
so talented,
so sweet,
so caring, 
so nurturing.
I'm proud to be your wife.
I'm here through the good, the bad...
and the SEXY...
Thanks for making me a mama.
One happy and lucky wife.

Love always and forever,

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