Thursday, October 13, 2011

la la la la LOVE

I'm in a very cheery mood...
I think there's a million and one reasons why I am....
Btw, Becky if you're reading this--you INSPIRE me to blog more. HA! AnyWHO...

Reason #1.)
I've lost 5 lbs! Yes, 5 pounds isn't a lot to many. But to me, ah yes. It is!
--I turned down cupcakes yesterday people. I don't DO that! 

If you know me, you know I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas.
AND--when my husband went for his weekly Dairy Queen run for his Blizzard tonight...I turned down his offer of getting one as well!

It's the little victories people....LITTLE VICTORIOUS!!

Reason #2.)
This weather is FABULOUS!
I love the cooler weather.
Today me and Kie laid a blanket out in our big, pretty backyard and played for a good hour in the sunshine.
I can't wait to post the pictures.
It was soooo nice just laying there. Watching my son...and praying.
I just kept thanking God for this day.
His blessings everywhere.
His creation.
Ahhh, I'm just grateful.
I've always been grateful, but motherhood has turned me into a VERY gracious person.

Because everyday mother's lose their babies and children.
Children are born sick.
Children are born into families that don't want them.
Children are born in countries around the world where they don't know freedom or won't have shoes or clothes...or clean water. Or food.

SO I'm gracious.
SO gracious.
And when I can help. I try to help.
And when I can pray.
I pray.
And when I pray...I thank God.
Because I don't deserve any of this.
And I will always get on my knees....

Reason #3.) 
This weekend my parents will be in town!
Ah I just love seeing my parents.
I miss them so much!
I pray they move to Austin to retire. That's my dream!

Reason #4.)
Kaskade (my favorite DJ ever!) is having his new album (Fire & Ice) come out the 25th of October! I've been ready for some new Kaskade! His music is GREAT for dancing and running. And wakeboarding.
I have to set the mood when I'm behind the boat--so I always yell at Justin to turn up the music.

Reason #5.) 
My favorite person ever (besides the obvious--)
Ellen Degeneres has a new book called Seriously....I'm Kidding
And a sweet friend of mine got me the audio version of it on iTunes for me!
I'm so gracious!
I love Ellen! She's hilarious and I can't wait to listen to her READ her own book. She always puts me in a GREAT mood!
And I hardly find time to read (besides late night readings of blogs)
so an AUDIO book is the best!

Reason #6.)
Kie's birthday party is right around the corner.
Though I'm sad that he is about to be one years old--I'm excited to be on this journey watching him grow.
His little personality shows more and more each day.
I never knew how fulfilling it was to be a mom...
In fact, I never even thought I wanted to be a mom. It just never crossed my mind.
In fact, I dreamed of work--careers and job opportunities.
But I know that there's NO way any job could fulfill me the way being a mother is.
Yes, I am being sentimental here. But, like I said--now that Kie's life has gone a full circle..I find myself thinking about things--and how life has changed for the better.

Reason #7.)
Just as I was about to wrap up this blog...
My husband turned to me (he's sitting beside me on the couch watching The Secretariat) and said "Do you even know how much I love you?"
Now, if you know my know he's not the romantic type.
He's all man. ALL THE TIME.
So, that just melted my heart.

I think that means I need to stop typing and tend to my husband.
Especially before I get too tired.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY, HAPPY FRIDAY tomorrow!

Oh and the picture I posted below makes me pretty happy too!!

Until next time,


Clint, Archer, Kie & Justin
Most handsome photo I've ever laid my eyes on!

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