Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seriously Thursdays!

I decided to link up with Becky at From Mrs to Mama at SERIOUSLY Thursdays!

1.) Because I love reading her blog...
 --we both are close in age.
--we both have cute babies close in age
--and she is awesome and hilarious and not to mention very raw and real! (Just how every momma should be!)


2.) Because I say seriously...about EVERYTHING!

And here we go!

SO my handy dandy camera is broken on my phone.
SERIOUSLY!?! I use that camera for EVERYTHING! 
Kie laughs, I take a picture. Kie cries, I take a picture. Kie sneezes, I take a picture.
You get the point.

I don't know WHEN I will get my new phone I guess that means I will be turning back to the regular ole camera.

Ah well!
So, yes this blog is picture-less.
Sorry friends!

I was going to catch up on some random-ness that's been going on.
First off, I turned 25 a few weeks ago--but I've had countless people ask me in public (i.e---the grocery store, shopping, out to eat...) If Kie is mine? And if I'm old enough to have children. 

SERIOUSLY?! Do I look 12? I mean, I realize I don't wear makeup a lot of the time...but I definitely look old enough to have a baby. Seriously people!?!

I'm pretty sure children can have children these days.
 But yes, I'm old enough....thank you!!

Then I get the response... 
"Oh he has your eyes!"

Thanks. Yes, he's not my little brother. He's my son!
Mainly these questions and comments come from older men.
And by older I mean 50+.
And I've seen countless women elbow their husbands after making that comment.

Ah well, hopefully I keep looking young...well into MY 50's!

Onto another SERIOUS note...
Kie is about to be one years old!
SERIOUSLY...where did time go?!

In fact, we just went to the bakery this evening to check on the final cake design.

I preferably wanted to make his cake--but Justin wants his cake to match his theme. And since I can bake but NOT design crazy cakes--we decided to let the professionals take over.

Besides--I don't mind.
I'm excited to get everything in this next week to put it all together.
His lil party should be lots of fun!
And SERIOUSLY TEXAS WEATHER....I hope you cooperate!


I'm praying for a cool afternoon. Not too hot nor too cold!
Because part of his party will be on our back patio if all goes well.
If not, we can always stay indoors.

And lastly,
I've been having some serious bouts of insomnia!
I am like a WIND UP toy....with no DOWN TIME.
Seriously, sandman where are you?!?!

I did recently get off Facebook (SO LIBERATING!) so my nights should be filled with something great perhaps like reading!!
Maybe I'll take up my old hobby of reading to fall asleep...
How awesome would that be?!
Seriously, I think I'll do it!

In fact, that's where I'll go now!

Sorry for my seriously, random post!
Hope everyone is doing great.

Until next time (seriously!)---



  1. Oh no!! I don't know what I would do if I lost my camera...eek! like you said... elli farts and snap! haha.

    i am over fb as well... only get on there to post pictures.

    i'm ready for FALL weather... we had it for like a week and then it got HOT again. why oh why!

    haha funny about the "he has your eyes..." people are insane.

    but it's a good thing to look young! :)

  2. Stopping by from Becky's blog and love your post! I hope the party goes great and this fellow TX girl understands the weather situation! It should be nice right? And by nice I mean semi-less humid and maybe, just maybe stay in the 80s!

  3. Stopping by from some of my mommy blogs and now following. You have a beautiful family. I get the young thing too and I just ignore it. So strange what people say. Anyway, I would love if you would check out my site at Have a great day!


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