Saturday, October 8, 2011

So I may be a day late...

Bonjour tout le monde!

How is everyone on this BEAUTIFUL Friday? (Yes I'm always a day late posting)

So my endorphins have kicked in (love my boot camps!) and I'm feeling great.
Plus it's Friday--but when you're a SAHM...most days still feel the same!
I mean, everyday I wake up and take care of Kie.
Those responsibilities don't go anywhere just because it's the weekend.

Of course when Justin is home I get A LOT more help.
But he works half day I digress.

this past week has FLOWN BY!
Seriously, October is flying by!
Justin had surgery on his knee this past Tuesday.
He had screws removed from his ACL.
So I have been playing nurse this week.
Speaking of, a little shout out to all my nurse friends....yall are awesome and I could NEVER do yall's job.
The nurses for Justin's surgery were amazing!
And my poor husband was sick as a dog and the nurses were the ones that really helped him out. So thanks a million to all you hard working nurses. Yall have some tough, TOUGH jobs!

Like I was saying, he had the screws removed from his previous surgery two years ago...and I was there for that one too.

Crazy how time flies.
And even crazier how much has CHANGED since his last surgery.
And thank the sweet Lord that it did!
We are both waaaaaay, WAYYYYY, WAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better off now then we were then.

Ah, I love it! Praise God!
Seriously, PRAISE GOD!!
Ok, my endorphins and sugar high are probably the reason there is some spazz present in this blog. I apologize.

Also Kie man is napping and I'm ready for him to get up so we can PLAY and run our errands.
I can't wait to start making dinner tonight and hopefully rent us a good movie and have some husband/wife time.

During the week, I wake up early to workout--and Justin works late. And I also work part time (whoop whoop) and then there is the baby to take care of---so we have a full schedule. Not to mention the normal stuff you gotta do, like chores--laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning---soooo I am looking forward to spoiling Justin tonight. 

On another note---Kie climbed into the toilet two days ago.
I didn't think about grabbing my phone and snapping a picture because I was too worried he's start drinking the water......but it was so hilarious.

He was happy as a lark sitting there splashing in the toilet.

Ahhhh, dang wish I had the picture now.

Also, Kie took his first steps yesterday.
Breaks my heart.
He just let go of my hands and took 4-5 steps to the mirror.

And then he did it again.
He was squealing because he was so happy with himself.
Then he kissed himself in the mirror!
Next time he tries to pull some walking...I will trip him.
I want my baby to stay a baby.

Oh and another fun mom story--
Kie won't let me shower alone. 
Nor will he let Justin.
In fact, if he HEARS the shower is on--
he goes to the bathroom and CRAWLS right in!
If you try to prevent him from getting in, then he will just cry and fuss.
So, it's easier to let him come in.
I take off his little diaper.
And he just splashes around at my feet.
Or throws his little baby head back and opens his mouth and drinks the water.
It is so cute. And funny.
And it means I rarely shave my legs.
(Sorry J!)
Anyway, Kie is seriously obsessed with water.
Well I don't want to ramble and get too sporadic on you! So I'm wrapping this up!

I will post a few pictures and let you resume your day.
BTW-I am working hard on getting everything ready for Kie's first birthday!
I'm so excited with everything and I can't wait to get it all together and post pictures.

Alright everyone, have a great weekend!

lots of love,


Ps-I'm still not able to upload all my pictures...SO I may be posting another post with the remainder pictures soon!
my very handsome hunny xo :)
25 going on 15.... :) 
Costco run!
At the Pecan Street Festival--wearing his precious onesie that Aunt Kait made!! 

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  1. awwww I love it! He is so incredibly cute. And i cannot wait to squish on him!!!!


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