Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 1: CG Run (posting a few days late)

I decided I was going to blog some about my running experience.

Since I'm NO runner I figured it could be useful if any others stumbled across it for some hope (and a good laugh)--and just a reminder to myself of how this journey goes.

First off, I say I'm not a runner. That's true.
However, I'm pretty fit (thanks to Camp Gladiator) and I've always been athletic.

BUT I can't run.
I run when I have to.
I run to the bathroom.
To the fridge.
I run away from Justin and around the kitchen island when he chases me. (We play around!)
I run at boot camp but it's more short distances and sprints.
And when we do have to do an occasional LONGer run....I take my time.
Slow and steady.

But other than that...I don't run long. Or far.

So this morning I woke up before my 4:45am alarm.
Because it was storming like crazy here.
Thank you God for the rain.
And I got ready.
Of course that doesn't take too long, but since I'm still nursing I have to give 15 minutes or so just to nurse the baby.

After checking in with the run coach--(see if we're still meeting regardless of the rain)
I headed downtown to meet at the track. 6am workout.

Today was speed workouts.
(I vaguely remember doing these in high school.)
Anyway, today's workout was hard but it wasn't LONG distance....

We warmed up.
And then we did the ladder part of the workout.
Which included running 100 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 200 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 300 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 400 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 600 meters. Walk/jog 100 meters.

THEN it goes in reverse...by 600 meters. (Repeat all of the above!)
And after the last 100 meters.
You run 4X100 meters as fast as possible.

It was a really good workout.
And afterwards I felt great.

Anyway, the coach tailors your LONG runs for each individual.
Since I'm no long distance runner...
I start out small.

I will be posting about my first LONG run soon.

Today I was suppose to run 2 miles in 13 minutes.
But, seeing that I slept through my alarm....
I took Kie out in the jogging stroller.
We leisurely strolled 2.5 miles...in 40 minutes.

Probably not what my coach wanted.
But, since Justin has his bible study tonight till 9:30 or so...
I won't get a chance to run.

Needless to say, my LONG run scheduled this weekend to run with the team is looking scarier by the minute.

Ahhh well...makes for a better blog.

Happy running to you!


Getting my Thanksgiving in before December....

Wow, time is flying BY!

Seriously, Thanksgiving came and went in a blink.

We headed to Atlanta late Wednesday after Justin got off work.
We arrived 8-9 hours later.
Ah, holiday traffic!
Thursday was filled with lots of Hogan family (Dad's side).
It was great, fun, wild and loud.
I'm hoping to have some pictures of the whole crew soon!

I also got to see my cousin, Kaitlin, you can check out her blog here!
It's always great to see her.
She was (and still is) one of my best friends.

That night we all headed over to my parent's house to watch the Texas vs A&M game.
It was a tense game!
I was praying my Horns would win because this would be the last time we would play them for awhile.
A&M is moving to the SEC.
Good riddance to them but they have NO chance there.
Thankfully, my Horns pulled out a win!!
Me and Justin celebrated all night!
Friday was spent getting ready for our next Thanksgiving.
We also played cards, played football, went fishing...and caught up with family.
Justin got to spend a lot of quality time with my brothers.
It was cute to watch them together.
They were like three little boys.

They went to old haunted buildings and barns...
went mudding, fishing and
rode to the state line drive-thru liquor store (That's Louisiana for you).
Meanwhile, I was on baby duty!
I didn't mind one bit.
I loved watching Justin enjoy himself in the country.

Needless to say, there was a lot of food.
We have over 40 people for Thanksgiving.
And I had TWO massive Thanksgiving feasts.
I'm surprised my jeans still fit.

Anyway-I'm glad to be home.
But I always have the holiday blues afterwards.
I love my massive family.
And being with them over the holidays is always nice.
So much love to be shared....
and food...
It's just a nice feeling being home.

This week is already flying by too.
I have a to-do list a mile long....
And I don't have the energy to tackle it.

Seriously, where does my energy go?
I only have ONE child.
I don't know how the moms do it with more than one
Or how single moms do it.

To you mothers out there, kudos!
Yall deserve an extra hand or two and a much deserved break!!

I have no room to whine!
But on a side note, 
I'm trying to start up a new business.

I will elaborate on this later.
For now, I have a house to tend to.

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving went great!

Until next time,


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday's Leftovers

Happy Sunday everyone!
Yes our tree is up.
We are going to be out of town more weekends than home so I figured we wanted it up to enjoy.
We still don't have the entire house done up yet...but we're getting there.
This past weekend was a lot of fun.
My dad came in town and we got to spend a lot of quality time with him.
It was really nice!
Usually he goes to his dental conferences and goes to the Longhorn game.
So his time here is busy.
But he took the weekend off to come visit with us and let us go to the Horns game! 
It's been a long time since I've been to a game. (Probably my last game was when I was in school.)
Anyway--it was a lot of fun because I got to share the time with Justin.  He is a newly recruited Longhorn fan.  And I love it!  He really never gave my team a chance, prior to me, but once he saw how GREAT it is to be a Longhorn he can no longer deny how much he loves the Horns too.
Besides, he looks great in burnt orange :)

Anyway--Dad babysat for us Friday night and we went out to dinner and then to play some shuffleboard.
Justin and I get very competitive against one another!

Saturday we spent the day with dad.
We got breakfast at our neighborhood breakfast taco spot.
Justin and dad did man things.
Like going to Home Depot and Lowes to get the remainder amount of wood for our fence.
They put together Kie's new playscape.
They fiddled with cars...
We got lunch at our favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant...
And we spent some of the day watching college football.
Of course that night we went to see the game.
Unfortunately, we lost.
BUT--it was still a lot of fun.

Sunday was filled with early Christmas shopping--
putting up some lights and decorations..
getting breakfast on South Congress...
and lots of family time at the park.

This weekend is like the CALM before the storm.
I don't feel like getting into it NOW.  But there's a lot to do and get done in the next two days.
So I'm getting my Super Mom cape out of the closet...
and getting things DONE!

Hope everyone is doing great and not stressing too much over the upcoming holidays!
Until next time,
Typical Kie. He loves to read. He loves to scream. Such a multi-tasker!
Kie eating his pumpkin bread yum yum!
ignore my fly away hairs! It was windy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

glittery girl

My husband LOATHS glitter.

 I ADORE it.

I always have.

I don't know if it's because I was a cheerleader years ago and I put glitter on every visible spot of my body...

You know the very classy hair glittery pony tail---
the glitter eyeshadows...
the body glitter?

Even when I met and started dating my husband I use to wear glitter...
He nicknamed me S p a r k l e s...
and I thought (at the time) he liked my glitter look.

Come to find out,
he isn't into glitter like I thought.

And when I craft (and use excessive amounts of glitter)
or when I buy the occasional glittery ornaments or house decorations..
He likes to fuss about them.

SO I do believe when he comes home today...to find the baby BOY
covered in glitter...

He may not be so happy.

Kie managed to open the bottle of glitter dust....and dumped it all over his sweet baby head.
I've tried bathing him...but he still glistens like a little baby Angel.

I think he looks precious.
But, I imagine Justin will have other thoughts!

Btw, SO excited because today I just got my assigned
"How the GLITZ stole Christmas" partner.

I can't wait to find something fun to send to her!!
I love shopping for others!
Hope I find something great.

How's your Friday going?!

Until next time,


Thursday, November 17, 2011


So I have an opportunity to train for the Livestrong Austin Marathon in February....

I have never wanted to run a marathon because, HELLO...they are hard. And grueling.
And take a lot of dedication...

But, I started thinking about it...and it's kinda a big deal.
And it would be awesome to accomplish.
And it would be something that would take me out of my comfort zone.

Something I've never done before.

And why not?

Life is short.
I might as well try...
And though I can't promise I will finish the race...
(I promise to unless I'm dying or throwing up everywhere)
I do think I will try.

Anyway, I start my official training next week with the CG Run group.
It's a 12 week program...
And though I feel excited about it NOW
I'm sure my feelings will change about it soon.

So here's to marathon training.

I'm NO runner.
I'm opposite of it.

I enjoy sprints and short distances...
I have never ran father than a 10k and that's been 3-4 years ago.

SO I will be blogging about it and telling you how I'm dying.

Anyone else out there run a marathon?
Or train for one?

Also, the lead trainer for this run group promised me I could be ready in 12 weeks to race.
I think she's insane....

But, we'll see.

Until next time,


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

mod podge mania & a train

So I'm sharing a few of my projects from last week.
I was in the Christmas mood.
PLUS...Kie LOVES to paint and craft.

mod podge K
Christmas stripes
Christmas tree canvas
Close up...Mod Podge abstract

glittery Mod podge wooded door hanger for Kie's door

Now for a few pictures of Kie's train ride!
going over the bridge on the train
Kie about to board the train

Daddy and Kie @ Barton Springs Pool
on the train :) Kie was busy people watching

I have more pictures to share...but it will have to wait! Nap time is over...
Until next time!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

bicyclist husband, christmas and mod podge

Christmas has begun to descend from the attic....
I begged Justin to let me start.
He gave me heck for a bit but then once the boxes were opened he got into the Christmas spirit.

I realize it's earlier than usual BUT we will be gone for 3 weekends (and perhaps an additional week...)
So I thought if we started now then we could get it done before the stresses of traveling take over.

ALSO-I discovered Mod Podge.
Where have I been?!
So once I started playing around with it I Mod Podged everything in sight.

(And I must warn you--my projects look a bit Elementary-ish)
But hey, WE had fun.
Yes, Kie got in on the action too.

Alas, my bicyclist husband.
So my talented husband has this bike.
That he's not used or been on in o v e r  5 years.
So he pulls it out to prove to me he can indeed RIDE a bike.
He starts riding this bike around our backyard...and all of a sudden he JUMPS it onto our limestone flower bed wall and does a wheelie! (Mind you this is a THIN wall he is riding on.)

Then he rides it off the side of the fence.
Bounces it across the yard on one tire and precedes to spin the front tire!
I WISH I had my camera!
I swear, my husband acts 13 years old at times.
I love it. I really do.
It's one of the reasons I love him so.
He's young at heart....and that's what matters.

Anyway, he wanted to buy one of those really expensive Burley Bike wagons you pull your kids in...
So we went shopping for one today.
And I guess that's what Santa is getting Kie.
Or Santa is getting for Justin.

I have LOTS of photos to share NEXT post.
Some from this weekend.
(Kie went on a TRAIN)
And also of my projects.
AND not to mention some of early Christmas!

AHhHH now if this weather would only cooperate so it could FEEL like Christmas!!!

Well, I gotta get.
My house is in a disarray....
Thanksgiving & Fall are fighting with Santa and his Sleigh....

Until next time,


Etsy Shop Spotlights!!!!

As I've mentioned in a previous blog...
I had some help planning Kie's FIRST Birthday Bash!
I could NOT of done it alone!
NOR could I have made it look so great with out the help of TWO awesome Etsy shop owners!!

First off,
A BIG HUGE thanks to Dawn at Designer Favors!

I found her shop while browsing Esty one l u c k y day...and LOVED her designs!
They were so cute, colorful and happy!
AND she has a A LOT of designs to pick and choose from.
Not only can you pick and choose the graphics or themes you like--but you can also customize your order!

I found the most precious little owls...and knew RIGHT away that these were the little owls I'd be using at Kie's party!

And I'm SO thankful for Dawn!
She WAS wonderful at customer service!
I probably messaged her back and forth a dozen times or so!!
Bless her for dealing with me!

She was quick to respond!
Quick to change an order!
And even quick to change or place another order for me!
I got all my stuff on a timely manner--and even ORDERED more things before the party!! (That's how much I loved her items!)

I got all my cupcake toppers, signs, stickers and banners from Dawn at Designer Favors.  The party could not of been so cute & polished without her help!!! Thanks Dawn!!!

And for my second Etsy shop SCORE...
I found Janet @ Dainty Couture!!

I knew I wanted Kie to wear something very special on his VERY first Birthday!
So when I stumbled across Dainty Couture (where you can "Embellish your style!")
I knew I found the right spot!

Janet had tons of designs!
And I could tell her products were made with great quality!
And she took the time to make it right.
I quickly placed an order for Kie's birthday hat and bib...
And when I got it, I was even more happy at the craftmanship and quality of the stitching! 
It was perfect!
It made my already cute birthday boy--that much cuter!!

--I AM SO thankful and grateful for Dawn and Janet!--
These ladies DID NOT ask for me to plug them or their shops.
But I wanted to, because I think it's important to spread the word when there is a great business or business owner that does a wonderful job
 and provides great products and customer service!

And not to mention--this was all hand man items!

The birthday was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it!!
To view MORE pictures of Kie's party Click here!

 Thanks again!!
Happy Sunday Everyone!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We had TWO...

DATE nights!

We had two date nights last weekend.
(All you single gals or no kid couples aren't impressed---I know.  Trust me, I tell all my child-less couple friends to DATE it up now.)

Anyway, how were we so lucky? 

Especially when date nights are so few and far between...

Well my wonderful parents were in town again.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!

Yes, football season means my parents are in every few weekends to watch the Horns play.
Thanks Dad for being an awesome and very loyal season ticker holder.

Alright, now to the fun part.

Friday night we dropped off our sweet lil man with his Uncle Carter at his bachelor pad downtown.
Yep, Kie's cool uncle has a sweet condo downtown.

So, yes they get CRAZY when together.
Kie gets to party it up!
(Ok not really, but I'm sure that will have some truth one day down the road.)

we dropped him off with Carter for an hour before my parents got into town--to take him back to our house so he could go to sleep in his own crib...at his own crib.
Haha I'm so funny tonight.

Justin & I had a date at my old stomping grounds...
At my beautiful campus, The University of Texas!
Yes I'm one proud Texas Ex.

We were able to watch UT's theater group put on their play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
It was awesome, gloomy and dark.
Made me miss my days in theater.

Seriously was one of the best plays I've ever been to.
I was engrossed by the play.
So consuming...
The acting was superb--and right on point. Every line.
Not to forget, Will Brittain, (a guy from my hometown of Atlanta, Texas) played Mr. Hyde.
I was highly IMPRESSED.

Amazing job...
It was BY far one of the best dates me and Justin have ever been on.
Mainly because Justin had never been to a play and he loved it as much as I did.
He followed the tricky plot--and character changes (there was a lot of people playing multiple roles)
and he even appreciated the whole theater aspect.
To read more about the play--click here!

Ahh, it was nice sharing that with him.
I love sharing our interests.
So that was our Friday.

My Horns won against Texas Tech (Hook Em!)
And then my family, my husband and baby Kie went to check out a new (to me) spot on 6th street,
Ranch 616--for dinner.
It had great food, great drinks, and a very Austin-y atmosphere.
After putting myself into YET another food coma...Justin and I hit up an old sports bar I use to work at for ESPN. (My parents took Kie back to our house for bed!)

We watched the rest of the college football games together...
I beat him in shuffle board too many times to count....
and we laughed at all the crazy LSU fans that seemed to pop out of nowhere.

It was so nice just the two of us.
Justin was flirty and fun--and it reminded me of the many dates we use to go on before we became a three.

Even though NOW we don't date or get a lot of ONE on ONE time...I wouldn't change life now for anything :)
But, it was kinda fun having those few hours to let loose and be silly again.
I seriously fall in love more and more each day to that husband of mine.
And to that mini Justin of mine


blessed weekend.

Anyway, hope everyone else is doing good.

Until next time,

Dropping Baby off at Uncle Carter's Bachelor Pad

Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend update and PARTY menu

Well hello friends.

I'm currently in a breakfast coma.

It's a lazy Sunday today.
It's cloudy...rainy...

And I'm wearing my oh so sexy comfy sweats.
We were bad today and missed church. 
I always hate missing church but Justin had to work yesterday and hasn't slept past 6am in three weeks or more.

We will do better next Sunday.
Speaking of,
Justin's been very busy in church during the weekdays.
I'm so proud of him.
He takes time (away from work) to do a men's study class.
The class is usually 2 to 3 hours long on Tuesday nights.

He just makes me so proud of him.
God gave me Justin for a reason...and the man he has evolved to become has been a beautiful transformation.
I just think God has been working in my heart and Justin's for awhile.
In fact, Justin is sharing his very powerful testimony Tuesday. I'm so excited for him.

Anyway I'm rambling.

SO I figured I'd share my menu from Kie's birthday party!!
Since a lot of it WASN'T pictured.

I constructed a pretty easy menu that I could cook some of the items the NIGHT BEFORE...
And some was store bought to give me some help. (Just call me Sandra Lee)


1. Sausage Balls-
Easy and perfect to make either the night before or early before the party.
Btw, I owe my friend Nikki Blackwood a big thanks for this idea!

1lb of ground pork sausage ( I did two lbs but it was a  lot of sausage balls)
2 cups (for 1lb) or 4 cups (for 2lbs) of Bisquick
1 lb or 2lbs of shredded cheddar cheese.

Roll the pork, Bisquick and cheese into small little balls.
Bake at 375 degrees for 18-20 minutes.

I also made a sauce by Paula Deen that was 1cup mayo and 2-3 tablespoons of spicy mustard to serve with it. (Keep the sauce in the fridge before serving). 

2. Deviled Eggs
Also another thing I prepared the night before.
I boiled all my eggs and peeled them the night before the party.

I just mixed the insides and yolk the morning of.
I used 18 eggs.
Boil--peel and then slice in half.
Take the yolk and mix in with 1/4 cup of mayo (eyeball it) with 
1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
1/2 teaspoon Dill Weed
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 
1/8 teaspoon salt
and paprika for seasoning 

You can also top with bacon--pimentos or olives.
Whatever you like! Really there is no messing up deviled eggs! (That's why I like them!) And by the way, these go fast!
So I recommend cooking more than you think!

3. Hot Crab Dip
This is a party MUST!
I serve this at a lot of my parties!

It is easy but you have to serve and make this right before the party. Because you want it hot! 
You need:
2 (8oz) cream cheese (softened)
3 tablespoons of mayo
2 cups of cheddar cheese
2 (6oz) of lump crab meat
(You can also use shrimp too)
1 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice (fresh is best)
2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
I use Old Bay--Pepper and a tiny bit of sea salt for taste.

Mix together and bake in a small/deep dish.
at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes.
Or until the cheese starts to bubble.

Goes great with bread or sturdy crackers.
Pita bread is great too!

4. Pulled Pork Sliders
I ordered the pulled pork from our favorite BBQ place (down the street)
Got 48 Hawaiian King Rolls...from Costco.
Sliced them and put Coleslaw and the Pulled Pork inside.
And served with BBQ sauce on the side.
--Also you can cut a purple onion and have that as an additional topper too.

These WERE ALL GONE by the end of the party.
I bought the pulled pork because I didn't want my house to smell like a BBQ restaurant.
But I gave it a SEMI-Home cooked feel by using rolls and coleslaw to make it more personal.

5. Momma's Sangria
I marinated this the night before and it was GREAT!
Only problem is storing a lot of wine in pitchers...so if you have two fridges it would work best.

I used 4 bottles of BOTA BOX wine. Yes, boxed wine is actually good if you get the NICE stuff.
I got a red wine. Cabernet. 
Mixed the entire box (4 bottles) with a half liter of Diet Sierra Mist.
I cut up two-three oranges and put them in. (Slices)
Put in a pinch of sugar.
(Or two for taste)
Slice two lemons. Make sure no seeds get in!
Slice one lime
and used two pints of frozen razberries. (Or strawberries)
I also put in a cup or two of lemonade and a cup of orange juice for good measure.
And a splash of grenadine.
Basically, I just added whatever flavors I thought would make it nice and sweet and yummy!
(after all, it was just an afternoon party.)

6. Party Cheese Ball!
This was one of my favorites!
And also another item I made the night before.

You need:
2 (8 oz) cream cheese
A cup of crushed pecans
Worcestershire sauce
Green peppers chopped (1/2 cup)
and onion (1 cup or 1/2 cup depending on your taste.)

You combine everything besides the pecans and roll into a big ball.
Then roll the mixture into the crushed pecans
and put in the fridge to harden over night!
It's so great with crackers.
BUT it will make your breathe stinky if you add a lot of onions.
However, I love onions and my husband loves me so he doesn't mind the occasional onion breath.

7. Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese sandwiches
 *I also made these the night before too!* Which was great because it gave time for the icing to set.
(These were the HIT of the party!)
I took two packages of pumpkin spice cookies
and two 15 oz can of pumpkin....and combined them with two eggs.
(if the package says so)
Set the over for 350 degrees.
Take a spoon and make 1-2 inch balls and cook for 18-20 minutes.

--Once they are cooled, take store bought cream cheese icing and spoon a dollop of icing onto one cookie and top with another cookie! (I used a jar and half).

These make a delicious and yummy sandwich!
I think I made around 24 cookie sandwiches.
Remember to think of how many you need and double it because it takes two cookies per sandwich.

Additional STORE bought or bakery foods:

-We had hummus, salsa and random cheese dips (including crock pot Queso that I did make--)
I had a fruit platter and a veggie platter with colorful fruits and veggies and dips for all.
-I had candies like M&M's, jellybeans, cookie sticks and candy corns (since it was before Halloween) 
that were placed in mason jars and glass bulbs to give the table more color.
-I also got the beautiful cake from Polkadots Cupcake Factory and the delicious cupcakes!

We also had an array of cheese, crackers and salmon that not only looked great on display but were great to eat as well.
Basically I thought of lots of party, finger foods--that were easy to grab and go.

The party food was a hit by all!
We didn't have much leftover....
And everyone had a blast!

I am known for throwing parties with great food.
It's my Southern roots. 
It's something I love to do and I love to be OVERLY prepared.
We had roughly 25-30 people show.
The night BEFORE preparations really, REALLY helped me out.

Especially since the party started at noon!

Anyway, hope this helps if you're looking for party food ideas!

Until next time,


Polkadots Cupcake Bakery

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy First Birthday Timothy Kie!!!

Happy First Birthday to the cutest and most precious little boy I know!!

Thanks for making me a momma and giving me the most joy I've ever known! I love you forever and always!!



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A year ago today....

I was reminded by my sweet friend Nikki what I was up to a year ago today...
A year ago today---
I was putting away my Halloween decorations..
I was running errands (even though my doctor said I should be on bed rest!)

I went to Target to get some discounted Halloween stuff for the next year...
I went to Half Priced Books to stock up on some new-to me children books (I just got a paycheck)
I also was simmering some of my famous chili for dinner.
It's so famous it will put ya into labor.

And of course, it was very hot, spicy and full of jalapenos!

A year ago I was cleaning the ALREADY clean house.
Scrubbing floors...

I was a ball full of energy!

Even though I had been "leaking" all day--I chalked it up to a leaky bladder. 

Justin and I enjoyed our big bowls of spicy chili--and he went to pick up my usual...a Blizzard. (Hey I lived it up when pregnant!)

Anyway--I begin to realize my leaking had progressed...it was a lot more flowy than a trickle here or there. So after a phone call to my doctor inquiring about my perhaps leaky bladder or amniotic fluids...
WHO wasn't on call at the time.
Told me to come in to the hospital so that the on call doctor could check my cervix...
Regardless I was still over two weeks away from my expected due date. So neither of us weren't expecting much.

I took my time reporting in to the L&D wing.
I took a shower.
Shaved my legs.
Washed my hair.
Applied a small bit of makeup...
Grabbed the husband.
(My hospital bag had been in my car for a few weeks already)
and headed out the door to the hospital just ONE mile away....

Yes, I was having contractions...but I had been experiencing them for a few weeks. So I just thought it was the typical Braxton Hicks ones. 

I was calm.
And not expecting anything unusual.
See, I had been to the Labor and Delivery wing of the hospital three times already for "false alarms".

And to be fair--It wasn't me crying wolf.
My doctor was a bit worried about the pregnancy because I was deemed high risk and I was already dilated 4 weeks before my due date.  I also had been losing my amniotic fluids and I had already lost my mucus plug.

Anyway--like I said,
I was calm and cool.

The on-call doctor checked me 30 minutes later..
And informed me I was 4cm dilated!
And we would be having a BABY by the morning!!!
It was around 11pm when she told me this.

Needless to say, I called my parents to tell them that THIS WAS IT!
We would be having a baby tonight!
(more like in the early morning!)
So my sweet mom, who was six hours away---
Got in her car and headed SOUTH.....

While I got transfered to OUR room
I excitedly texted my closest friends & family to tell them the news.
I did try to rest my already over-worked body...
(see mommies to be, you should always rest because you NEVER know when those babies decide to come!)


I'll post the rest tomorrow...
Along with Kie's party pictures.
Tips-Tricks and Advice for Mom's planning THEIR own baby's party.
Etsy spot light!

Until tomorrow,


Part 1 Photos! Kie's First Birthday Bash!!

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