Sunday, November 13, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlights!!!!

As I've mentioned in a previous blog...
I had some help planning Kie's FIRST Birthday Bash!
I could NOT of done it alone!
NOR could I have made it look so great with out the help of TWO awesome Etsy shop owners!!

First off,
A BIG HUGE thanks to Dawn at Designer Favors!

I found her shop while browsing Esty one l u c k y day...and LOVED her designs!
They were so cute, colorful and happy!
AND she has a A LOT of designs to pick and choose from.
Not only can you pick and choose the graphics or themes you like--but you can also customize your order!

I found the most precious little owls...and knew RIGHT away that these were the little owls I'd be using at Kie's party!

And I'm SO thankful for Dawn!
She WAS wonderful at customer service!
I probably messaged her back and forth a dozen times or so!!
Bless her for dealing with me!

She was quick to respond!
Quick to change an order!
And even quick to change or place another order for me!
I got all my stuff on a timely manner--and even ORDERED more things before the party!! (That's how much I loved her items!)

I got all my cupcake toppers, signs, stickers and banners from Dawn at Designer Favors.  The party could not of been so cute & polished without her help!!! Thanks Dawn!!!

And for my second Etsy shop SCORE...
I found Janet @ Dainty Couture!!

I knew I wanted Kie to wear something very special on his VERY first Birthday!
So when I stumbled across Dainty Couture (where you can "Embellish your style!")
I knew I found the right spot!

Janet had tons of designs!
And I could tell her products were made with great quality!
And she took the time to make it right.
I quickly placed an order for Kie's birthday hat and bib...
And when I got it, I was even more happy at the craftmanship and quality of the stitching! 
It was perfect!
It made my already cute birthday boy--that much cuter!!

--I AM SO thankful and grateful for Dawn and Janet!--
These ladies DID NOT ask for me to plug them or their shops.
But I wanted to, because I think it's important to spread the word when there is a great business or business owner that does a wonderful job
 and provides great products and customer service!

And not to mention--this was all hand man items!

The birthday was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it!!
To view MORE pictures of Kie's party Click here!

 Thanks again!!
Happy Sunday Everyone!!


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