Friday, November 18, 2011

glittery girl

My husband LOATHS glitter.

 I ADORE it.

I always have.

I don't know if it's because I was a cheerleader years ago and I put glitter on every visible spot of my body...

You know the very classy hair glittery pony tail---
the glitter eyeshadows...
the body glitter?

Even when I met and started dating my husband I use to wear glitter...
He nicknamed me S p a r k l e s...
and I thought (at the time) he liked my glitter look.

Come to find out,
he isn't into glitter like I thought.

And when I craft (and use excessive amounts of glitter)
or when I buy the occasional glittery ornaments or house decorations..
He likes to fuss about them.

SO I do believe when he comes home find the baby BOY
covered in glitter...

He may not be so happy.

Kie managed to open the bottle of glitter dust....and dumped it all over his sweet baby head.
I've tried bathing him...but he still glistens like a little baby Angel.

I think he looks precious.
But, I imagine Justin will have other thoughts!

Btw, SO excited because today I just got my assigned
"How the GLITZ stole Christmas" partner.

I can't wait to find something fun to send to her!!
I love shopping for others!
Hope I find something great.

How's your Friday going?!

Until next time,


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