Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Posts to come!

Ah sooo so much to catch up on!
Kie's first BIRTHDAY PARTY was a hit!

I wish it would of just went by slower.
I swear, the day FLEW by!
I kept thinking this is how it must feel to plan a wedding for a year...
You know, all the time prepping and planning just for the day to FLY BY! It was such a fun and crazy whirlwind!

Anyway, lots of pictures to post and lots of tips and advice to moms planning their baby's first birthdays....

Plus a lot of ETSY Shop Spot lighting!
I have people to thank!

Can't wait!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!
My house is still a wreck and we have more baby toys than I know what to do with! (That's what happens when you say no presents!) ha!
So yes, we'll be rewrapping and putting under the Christmas tree!?

Until next time,


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