Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A year ago today....

I was reminded by my sweet friend Nikki what I was up to a year ago today...
A year ago today---
I was putting away my Halloween decorations..
I was running errands (even though my doctor said I should be on bed rest!)

I went to Target to get some discounted Halloween stuff for the next year...
I went to Half Priced Books to stock up on some new-to me children books (I just got a paycheck)
I also was simmering some of my famous chili for dinner.
It's so famous it will put ya into labor.

And of course, it was very hot, spicy and full of jalapenos!

A year ago I was cleaning the ALREADY clean house.
Scrubbing floors...

I was a ball full of energy!

Even though I had been "leaking" all day--I chalked it up to a leaky bladder. 

Justin and I enjoyed our big bowls of spicy chili--and he went to pick up my usual...a Blizzard. (Hey I lived it up when pregnant!)

Anyway--I begin to realize my leaking had was a lot more flowy than a trickle here or there. So after a phone call to my doctor inquiring about my perhaps leaky bladder or amniotic fluids...
WHO wasn't on call at the time.
Told me to come in to the hospital so that the on call doctor could check my cervix...
Regardless I was still over two weeks away from my expected due date. So neither of us weren't expecting much.

I took my time reporting in to the L&D wing.
I took a shower.
Shaved my legs.
Washed my hair.
Applied a small bit of makeup...
Grabbed the husband.
(My hospital bag had been in my car for a few weeks already)
and headed out the door to the hospital just ONE mile away....

Yes, I was having contractions...but I had been experiencing them for a few weeks. So I just thought it was the typical Braxton Hicks ones. 

I was calm.
And not expecting anything unusual.
See, I had been to the Labor and Delivery wing of the hospital three times already for "false alarms".

And to be fair--It wasn't me crying wolf.
My doctor was a bit worried about the pregnancy because I was deemed high risk and I was already dilated 4 weeks before my due date.  I also had been losing my amniotic fluids and I had already lost my mucus plug.

Anyway--like I said,
I was calm and cool.

The on-call doctor checked me 30 minutes later..
And informed me I was 4cm dilated!
And we would be having a BABY by the morning!!!
It was around 11pm when she told me this.

Needless to say, I called my parents to tell them that THIS WAS IT!
We would be having a baby tonight!
(more like in the early morning!)
So my sweet mom, who was six hours away---
Got in her car and headed SOUTH.....

While I got transfered to OUR room
I excitedly texted my closest friends & family to tell them the news.
I did try to rest my already over-worked body...
(see mommies to be, you should always rest because you NEVER know when those babies decide to come!)


I'll post the rest tomorrow...
Along with Kie's party pictures.
Tips-Tricks and Advice for Mom's planning THEIR own baby's party.
Etsy spot light!

Until tomorrow,


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