Sunday, November 13, 2011

bicyclist husband, christmas and mod podge

Christmas has begun to descend from the attic....
I begged Justin to let me start.
He gave me heck for a bit but then once the boxes were opened he got into the Christmas spirit.

I realize it's earlier than usual BUT we will be gone for 3 weekends (and perhaps an additional week...)
So I thought if we started now then we could get it done before the stresses of traveling take over.

ALSO-I discovered Mod Podge.
Where have I been?!
So once I started playing around with it I Mod Podged everything in sight.

(And I must warn you--my projects look a bit Elementary-ish)
But hey, WE had fun.
Yes, Kie got in on the action too.

Alas, my bicyclist husband.
So my talented husband has this bike.
That he's not used or been on in o v e r  5 years.
So he pulls it out to prove to me he can indeed RIDE a bike.
He starts riding this bike around our backyard...and all of a sudden he JUMPS it onto our limestone flower bed wall and does a wheelie! (Mind you this is a THIN wall he is riding on.)

Then he rides it off the side of the fence.
Bounces it across the yard on one tire and precedes to spin the front tire!
I WISH I had my camera!
I swear, my husband acts 13 years old at times.
I love it. I really do.
It's one of the reasons I love him so.
He's young at heart....and that's what matters.

Anyway, he wanted to buy one of those really expensive Burley Bike wagons you pull your kids in...
So we went shopping for one today.
And I guess that's what Santa is getting Kie.
Or Santa is getting for Justin.

I have LOTS of photos to share NEXT post.
Some from this weekend.
(Kie went on a TRAIN)
And also of my projects.
AND not to mention some of early Christmas!

AHhHH now if this weather would only cooperate so it could FEEL like Christmas!!!

Well, I gotta get.
My house is in a disarray....
Thanksgiving & Fall are fighting with Santa and his Sleigh....

Until next time,


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