Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 1: CG Run (posting a few days late)

I decided I was going to blog some about my running experience.

Since I'm NO runner I figured it could be useful if any others stumbled across it for some hope (and a good laugh)--and just a reminder to myself of how this journey goes.

First off, I say I'm not a runner. That's true.
However, I'm pretty fit (thanks to Camp Gladiator) and I've always been athletic.

BUT I can't run.
I run when I have to.
I run to the bathroom.
To the fridge.
I run away from Justin and around the kitchen island when he chases me. (We play around!)
I run at boot camp but it's more short distances and sprints.
And when we do have to do an occasional LONGer run....I take my time.
Slow and steady.

But other than that...I don't run long. Or far.

So this morning I woke up before my 4:45am alarm.
Because it was storming like crazy here.
Thank you God for the rain.
And I got ready.
Of course that doesn't take too long, but since I'm still nursing I have to give 15 minutes or so just to nurse the baby.

After checking in with the run coach--(see if we're still meeting regardless of the rain)
I headed downtown to meet at the track. 6am workout.

Today was speed workouts.
(I vaguely remember doing these in high school.)
Anyway, today's workout was hard but it wasn't LONG distance....

We warmed up.
And then we did the ladder part of the workout.
Which included running 100 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 200 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 300 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 400 meters. Walk/Jog 100 meters. Run 600 meters. Walk/jog 100 meters.

THEN it goes in reverse...by 600 meters. (Repeat all of the above!)
And after the last 100 meters.
You run 4X100 meters as fast as possible.

It was a really good workout.
And afterwards I felt great.

Anyway, the coach tailors your LONG runs for each individual.
Since I'm no long distance runner...
I start out small.

I will be posting about my first LONG run soon.

Today I was suppose to run 2 miles in 13 minutes.
But, seeing that I slept through my alarm....
I took Kie out in the jogging stroller.
We leisurely strolled 2.5 miles...in 40 minutes.

Probably not what my coach wanted.
But, since Justin has his bible study tonight till 9:30 or so...
I won't get a chance to run.

Needless to say, my LONG run scheduled this weekend to run with the team is looking scarier by the minute.

Ahhh well...makes for a better blog.

Happy running to you!


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