Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obamacare, our reality

I'm not looking for a debate but just wanted to let others know how politics and polices DO affect real people.

Want to know how Obamacare has really affected a middle-class family? 
 I'm not trying to push my political views on anyone.... just sharing what has happened to my family due to the health care reform by Obama.

We were notified months ago that our privately owned insurance would be dropping maternity. My husband works for a company and owns his own business.
He chose long time ago to get insurance through his business because the coverage was better and the overall rate was cheaper (when I say cheaper it is still over $500 a month.)

 Our insurance, BCBS of Texas- (a HUGE insurance company in Texas) -informed us when we got pregnant that due to high rates and premiums that they now faced.... could no longer afford to cover us in maternity. They said their policies had changed with Obama's reform.

Regardless of the LESS coverage, our monthly insurance would cost the same. A high $515/a month. 

We tired switching insurances and getting on his company's insurance.  We were denied until after this November (once our son would be born).  Basically, no insurance would take us because maternity  costs had risen due to the reform.  We spent MONTHS trying to find another carrier.  All the PRIVATELY OWNED insurances said the same.  We would not be covered in maternity.

Basically, if you OWN your own business and bought your own insurance... you were out of luck.  

Here we are a middle-class family,
My husband works TWO jobs.
I work part-time (and a full-time mom).
We are responsible tax payers that ALSO pay for health insurance---but we could not be covered in maternity.

The only advice given to us ALL by the insurance agents we called was to file for Medicaid.
This was Obama's answer.

However, we do not qualify.

I had numerous agents and health care people tell me to 'lie' or 'fudge' facts on my Medicaid file so that I could get covered.

They told me to say I was single.
That I was separated from my husband.
To lie about what we owned and didn't own.
They told me tons of people do this to get coverage.

As a Christian woman WITH morals--I could not lie and say I was a single woman.
Because, I am not.
I AM married and my family depends on my husband fully.
And WHY would I lie to make OTHERS (tax payers) pay for me?

My husband works 90-100 hour weeks.
We pay high rates for insurance that does NOT cover all our needs.

We have paid thousands of dollars for my pre-natal appointments--even opting out on tons of testing to save money.

I will be having a medically-needed c-section in the next few weeks that will cost us thousands more.
This future financial burden has stressed me out the past 9 months while expecting our son.
We have cut costs these months and worked OVERTIME to save for this surgery.

All the while I go to the doctor, shelling out hundreds to see my OB/GYN--to see people having 4-5 children WITH little to no costs.

As a mom, I'd love to grow my family and have more kids.
But the financial burdens we face with just having two children is tremendous.
Whereas some people can have all the kids they want, relying on Medicaid and the government and NOT working....
Whereas we have to work our tails off, pay high rates and NOT get covered.

What's wrong with our country?

I'm ALL for helping out the needy....but what about those that HELP themselves?
Where does working and working hard get you?!

I know what is has done for us.
It exhausts my husband (though he never complains).
It stresses a family.
It affects the future of the family.

I know in the days and weeks ahead--my husband will continue to put more hours into work in order to pay off our LARGE looming medical bills. We don't like having extra bills and debt.  We pay things off as soon as possible. We're responsible in the way we don't have car notes or pay for things that aren't needed.

Instead of having my husband home at 5pm where I'll need him with two babies--he will work well into the night to make sure that our extra bills can be covered. 

*And to share what those costs may look like--my son, born two years ago, cost over $60,000--luckily then we were covered by two insurances*

I don't know how to fix our country, but I DO know that this issue was a result of Obama's health care reform.

I am not saying ONE man or party is the change we need in our country...
But, this IS the result of ONE man's policy changes on a middle-class family.

I had insurance (with the SAME insurance we have now) that covered maternity and my son two years ago.

What I know, is we DO NOT have it now.

I'm just writing this to inform---
and as an educated woman...we have exhausted ALL other options.

To reiterate, 
privately owned insurances in Texas will not cover maternity.
And when we were told WHY--they said due to Obama's reform.

Just sharing our story.


*Kie's birth did have some medical issues--that resulted in an extended NICU stay and hospital transfer.  This resulted higher post-natal bills.*
We do pray to God we do NOT have to deal with any emergencies this time around.


  1. I also had BCBS while pregnant, which would not cover maternity. I applied for Medicaid (which says if you are pregant that you cannot be denied) and was denied because A; we made too much money ($50 a month too much) B. Had money in our savings account (because we are responsible, we get denied) and C. Because I had "insurance" even thought it did not cover pregnancies, they said I was DENIED!! The thing with the having the insurance though, is that I could not have my daughter (2yrs.) and unborn child on the insurance if I was not registered under the plan.

    The ONLY way I was able to get insurance was because I was under 26 yrs. and was able to get on with my parents' insurance. My husbands insurance would have cost $600 or more a month which is more than half the cost of our mortgage. Which we still would have to pay the deductibles, lab work, etc.

    My husband is a police officer, who works nights, I worked in the day freelance from home with a 2 yr. old and while pregnant.

    It is true... you do not get rewarded for being responsible and working hard. IF you work the system, lie, you get everything paid for.

    I even had a friend who got married in Mexico, and then waited to legalize it in America so that they could get medicaid and she could legally claim as "single" with a low income.

    1. Sounds like we are one in the same. I'm sorry you had to go through this as well.
      I hope that maybe people will realize that these policies are already affecting people now...
      And that they hurt people who are indeed working, paying for insurance and being responsible.

      Let's pray that things change soon. Otherwise, I don't know how America can sustain itself when we promote unemployment (chosen), Medicaid fraud and dependency on reckless government funding.

  2. i just found your link on raven's blog comments section, and i love this post. good luck - i will be thinking of you and your family!

    1. Hi Callie (btw, my name is pronounced like Callie but with an H!)
      Thanks for the comment...and the kindness! Just wanted to share with others...since a lot of people may not realize policies DO affect people in the here & now :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm so sorry for all the trouble you've had! That's so crazy because we have BCBS and it did cover our maternity (our little one is 7 months old) as well as our baby's NICU bills and continuing care (she has kidney problems). I wonder why they are different?

    1. Hi! Well it depends if the insurance was through your company? Or your husband's. And also it varies by state. We have our own business and therefore maternity insurance cannot be bought. (Independently bought.)

      Maybe it has changed recently? Or, since we looked to change while pregnant it is still looked upon as an existing medical condition? I don't know all the insurance loop holes... ;) but I'm curious to hear about your insurance now!

  4. But, the "obamacare" you speak of, once fully enacted (much of it is not yet) would actually HELP people in your situation - see - And the insurance company claiming they are dropping maternity due to costs associated with "obamacare" is just corporate lies. Other companies have said the same thing - but what exactly were they blaming premium increases and drops in coverage BEFORE obamacare? It's not like that's something "new" that insurance companies do, lol...IN FACT - just a quick google shows that private insurance plans in Texas havent' covered maternity in YEARS - so this is nothing "new".......just good ole boy Texas ;-) - here are a few sites where this subject is being discussed - a while back - or

    1. Thanks for the info and sites. Maybe I should of put Obama's reform. Because that's what the issue was for us.

      As for private insurance not having it, that's not true. Because we were covered two years ago with the same policy. October 2011 is when it changed. That was the first step in Obama's reform.
      It is different state to state--and Texas is notorious for poor coverage.
      Regardless, I'm hoping for a good change (and fair coverage) for everyone.

  5. I am entirely sympathetic to your situation because as a mother of four I know I would have been frantic without pregnancy coverage, and yet my worry would have been nothing compared to my husband's frustrated feeling as if his hard work still wasn't providing what we needed.

    And at the same time I had a hard time with the idea that Obama, a loving father whose wife spends a large percentage of her time on childhood obesity, would approve a plan that included widespread denial of pregnancy care.

    So I googled "change to maternity care obamacare" and found several accounts like yours. It does seem that the insurance companies that are not currently required to provide prenatal care to individual coverage (which is in all but 9 states) are dropping it. But the reason is because starting Jan 2014, they are *required* by Obamacare to provide it.

    Consumer Reports has a Q&A that summed it up:

    Your family, like many others who are blessed with a pregnancy in the 2nd half of 2012 or 2013, are stuck in the middle, and it's wrong and frustrating. I hate knowing that so many wonderful people are caught in between insurance companies and the changing law.

    Blessings on you and my prayers are with you.

    1. Thanks Jenn for the kind words.

      And congrats on 4 children, what a blessing!
      I am hoping that in the months and years things will change so everyone can get full coverage...or a fair coverage. Especially when we are a working class family.

      As for now, we will be paying a lot out of pocket (and continue to do so). Hopefully things change, so if God is willing to allow us another child we won't have to struggle as much for them pre-birth!

      thanks for the site.
      I appreicate it :)
      God bless!

      (I also agree that I don't think Obama is some mean-awful person. It's just some, like you mentioned, got in an unluck predicament with the changes.)

  6. You bought a Christian home for over a quarter of a million dollars..... your Christian husband has two jobs. You being a "full-time" Christian mother (what fucking parent, man or woman, who has kids ISN'T a "full-time" parent??? You had your Christian family on TV. You had TV professionals basically do EVERYTHING for you.... and you still have the gaul to complain? My god, Sorry, your Christian god, there are SO many American worst off than you. And who the fuck cares about you telling everyone about you being Christian. Most people who pontificate about being a Christian ALL THE TIME and TO ANYONE usually have very insecure personalities. So again, I am sorry for you. In many ways. Y'all

    1. I'm just now seeing this. So I'm sorry for the late reply. That said, our HGTV show was scripted in many ways.. We didn't buy a new home. The numbers, prices, and quotes were not real. Nor did they do everything in our home for us. It's TV. So a lot of it is not real, it is staged. In that case, I am sorry if I offend you because I call myself a Christian. That's definitely not my goal. My faith is a big part of my life therefore, it is what I speak of a lot and reference. I don't understand the insecure personalities part. Or the anger. But, once again sorry you're upset!


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