Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm in a pickle!

(This is a saying, right?)
Well, soon I'll be in one.
So my c-section is scheduled for November 1st.
Really, I am DUE on the 31st. But Justin doesn't want me to have a Halloween baby.
Not that he is worried about satanic stuff ...but he just doesn't want our son having his bday on Halloween and having to share that holiday with HIS own holiday.
So November 1st WILL be my son's BIRTHDAY--if all goes as planned (and I don't go into labor early.)

And God bless,
 but my life...
 never goes as planned.

The dilemma is my husband's birthday is October 28th--then I'll be going into the hospital four days later for the birth of our new baby-(Nov. 1st)
...and two days later it will be Kie's birthday. (Nov. 3rd)
::Interesting how we're having a baby nearly 2 years to the DAY we had Kie::

If you count then you'll see that ALL their birthday's FALL in ONE WEEK.

....ALL the special men in my life.

Of course, I'll be in the hospital during Kie's birthday which makes me sad :(
Therefore, what's a very busy momma gonna do?

Do I throw my toddler a birthday AFTERWARDS??

What about my husband?
Not to be mean here,
but the days before my c-section--
I feel like I'll be rushing to get last minute things done before I am out for with the no driving and all the 'fun' healing time.

Last year, I had a GREAT party planned for Kie.
I had everything specially made...(Thanks Pinterest and Etsy!)
I had all these precious invitations, decorations, his bib, his bday hat, his gifts, the cupcakes, the cake...
It was a big to do!
I planned it for months.

It was such a fun day for everyone...
but now Kie is getting the shaft because of it all.
Or is Justin?
Or what about the new baby?

Will I be one of those moms that throws ONE big party for all three of my guys?
And why not make it a Halloween one while we're at it.

It will be easier.

I joked to Justin that his gift is his new son.
I also told Kie his gift will be his brother.
So, maybe I'm covered on the gift giving this year?

Honestly though, this weekend I plan on putting together my husband a basket that I saw on Pinterest.
I'll share the pin soon (if I can find it).
I am taking the idea and putting my own spin on it.

Basically instead of a basket, I plan on getting a tool box or a tool bucket to put some of his favorite things--like foods and snacks.
And each snack and food item has a note on it--saying thanks for putting up with me these last 9 months and also incorporating happy birthday items, like some cupcakes
and maybe some new man-manicure items.

Kie & my niece, Amelia before the UT game
Not that my husband is big into his beauty routine...
but I love Victoria Secrets men after-shave collections.
And, since Justin is bald--I don't have to worry about buying him hair products.

poor Kie man will probably have a birthday celebration after his birthday.

He WILL be getting a new lil brother.
(Hope he likes him.)
And we're either getting him a pretty nice little toddler-sized four-wheeler or truck.
Something he can ride around in the back yard and go 'off roading' on.

It definitely won't be the big to-do I did last year.
In some ways I'm relieved...
because yes, he's more aware this year--but last year's party was more for the pictures.

I can't be having massive pinterest parties every year!
(I'm not Martha Stewart y'all)
Maybe once I'm healed up from everything we can do something extra special.
Like go to The Great Wolf Lodge or something?

We'll see...
Oh yes, posts-to-come:

Pregnancy update,
weekend update
and some other mumbles....

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
I'm just patiently waiting on a baby and some FALL WEATHER!

cute boy.
this is how he naps.
He threw out all his blankets and took off his pants.
Oh, can ya tell he likes trains?


  1. I have that dilemma a little. My birthday is September 28th, then four days later is Abigail's birthday & then two days later is my wedding anniversary. We always focus on Abigail's birthday so I'm usually the one that gets the short end of the stick. The things we do for our children.

  2. aww, that's how it goes being a mom! huh!? for your big anniversaries--like the 10th year need to go all out for you! (and the husband) but more so for you lol.

    but yes, I agree..children come first.
    it's a rite of passage I suppose once you enter into parenthood :)


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