Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kids [Kie] say the darnest things & not-so-honest parenting

Kie just told me he has "I have big toes, lit-tle toes...and other toes."
This was right before I put him in timeout...
for kicking me with those cute toes.

Oh, toddler.
I love you.

Today has been a day of Kie sayings...earlier he informed me he wanted some "more choco-macaroni-soup."

Sometimes he runs all his favorite words (and in this case foods) together to see what he may get.

I know he was originally asking for chocolate milk..
which really isn't chocolate milk.
We give him the Organic Vanilla milk--but for some reason he thinks it's chocolate milk.
And I never correct him.
In fact, I refer to it as chocolate milk.
It is a box drink so he never sees the color of the milk--and he loves it. Soo, whatever works.

And lastly,
Kie loves "squeeshy chips", which he also asks for a lot.
These 'suqishy' chips are actually those organic fruit strips...or jerky. Or, whatever they are.

In fact, I don't even know what they're called.
But, they're decent for you. (Well, better than a chip.)

I called them squishy chips because Kie asked for chips one day and in return, we gave him one of the fruit strips.

When he asked what it was, I said it was a chip.
A squishy chip.
So, now he asks for "squeeshy chips."

Yep, I might be setting him up for some confusion down the road.

Oh, and ON that note.
One more confusing parenting item.

Kie hears words and repeats them.
He does know a lot of what they mean.
He knows he likes chocolate and cakes.
But he's not entirely sure what they are all about.
Considering there's many forms of both chocolate and cakes.

Well, one day on the way back from his swim lesson, Justin made the mistake of asking him WHAT he would prefer for his birthday coming up.
Justin asked if he wanted a "cake or a cupcake?"
Kie said cupcake.
Which of course meant he KEPT saying the word.
He wouldn't stop repeating it.
So when he got home he EXPECTED a cupcake.

I was cooking dinner--and here I had a fussing toddler--requesting a cupcake every second.
I told Justin he was going to have to get one for him...and it was his fault for asking him what he wanted.
Besides, I did not want to battle a fussing toddler.
I do pick my battles.
And at this point, Kie usually wins.
(But hey, go me for putting him in timeout for kicking me with his OTHER toes.)

Justin told him he would get him a cupcake.
He went to the kitchen, grabbed a piece of wheat bread...
and sliced off the crust,
and handed it to him.
He said it was a cupcake.

Kie ate it all up.
And wouldn't even share his 'cupcake' when his dad asked for a bite.

Kie thinks cupcakes are crustless pieces of wheat bread.

Wonder how long we'll be able to keep this one up?
But hey, if he wants cupcakes,
we'll give the boy cupcakes.


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