Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday Night

Another wonderful Saturday night. Here's two of my three men, snoozing away. (The pictures are all from my phone) We had a beautiful, sunny cool day in Austin today! Justin, Kie, Kix and I all went to Town Lake for a stroll. I love it when we go on walks. It's probably one of my favorite things we do. Besides all laying in the bed having flying contests. (We lay on our backs and fly both brothers in the air. It's a sight to see, but since we both have our hands full I doubt there will ever be any footage, ha!) As for our walks, sometimes we do the trails around the lake.

There's also been a few trails we have 'discovered' in Sunset Valley. It is so peaceful and relaxing...and it slows down this very fast paced life.  Justin pushes Kie in his stroller (or sometimes he pulls him in the wagon) and I wear Kix in the Ergo. However, if we do use the wagon for Kie then Kix gets the stroller. I think I still want a double stroller, but for now--I love how we both have a kid :) And I really like wearing Kix and will continue to wear/walk him as long as possible. Kie loves looking at all the ducks on the lake and all the kayaks and canoes. I can't wait till this Spring when we can get out on the water.

Our days are filled with so much love sometimes that my heart feels like bursting! I know most moms feel this way about their children--It's just been crazy because Kix wears a lot of Kie's clothes--and it is like I'm re-living Kie's infancy too. It just keeps reinforcing me to see HOW fast time truly flies.  I'm amazed at life. This crazy, beautiful life God has given me. 
I have these two beautiful, precious angels to love and to care for--and sometimes I just get so over powered with love that I can't fathom why God gave me so much!?
It just reminds me everyday how wonderful my God is.
I'm forever grateful to Him!
He let me, a sinner, so fallen from grace--have this whole new life as a mom. 
I am far from perfect, but it's because of these two boys that makes me want to be a better woman and mother.  I truly never, ever imagined the love and joy my heart could feel.

As for our past week, we have been having a lot of fun outside when the weather isn't too chilly. I'm so grateful for the sunny days. We have been doing lots of arts and crafts (I'm pretty sure I've ruined enough of my 'good' sweats with acrylic paints.)
We also can't wait to start a garden when the weather warms up.  Daddy J made me a new planter box to paint and to put some new plants and herbs in.  I keep crossing my fingers that THIS will be the year that my green thumb will make it's debut....but we'll see ;)
Oh and Kie also got a pretty good shiner on his eye from playing a little too rough on his playhouse.  Apparently, sliding down face first is not the best idea. Poor baby. But he's a tough one. I'm sure I'll be seeing more black eyes in the future. Boys will be boys :) And that's one of the many reasons I love being a momma to boys, they can be so adventurous!

I'll leave with a few pictures from this week.
Thank you my sweet Lord for my family.
And thank you for my handsome, hard-working husband.
He's the man I needed all along. Thank you for everything.

Oh Ps Kix---my sweet little man, loves to go from tummy time-to rolling completely over.  He did it last Monday.
Basically he's like saying, 
"hey mom, I'm done with this tummy time...and now back to my back so I can look around better!"
Check out that smile!
Black and blue, but still so cute.
Favorite thing to do this week, find our fingers and our ear. Kix is obsessed with finding his ears!
laughing and cooing
Big brother wanted Baby brudda to wear his Owl hat
Kie's playhouse is nearly done
Kie in his favorite batman underwear. How cute is that hiney?
All wrapped up to play outside

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