Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy TWO months, Kix!

I love doing the bullet points--because it is a lot easier to read and go through! So here's my update on my growing little man!

  • No weight to report yet because his appointment is tomorrow!
  • I'm guessing he is close to 13-14lbs. 
  • He is awake during the majority of the day now. In fact, he normally naps when Kie does. And he sleeps in during the mornings when Kie gets up for breakfast.
  • He wakes typically twice during the night. Once, if I'm lucky. Oh and for New Year's, my sweet boy only woke once! It's like he knew his momma needed some more sleep.
  • Kie is in love with his brother still! They're SO precious together. I can't wait to watch them run around together, playing ball, hunting, camping, wakeboarding and snowboarding together. 
  • Kix smiles and coos so much. He talks the most at night when his brother is down. I guess he realizes that's 'his' time. So he uses it up to talk and coo! Love it.
  • I'm in love with all the gummy grins.
  • We feed still every 2-3 hours. I love nursing, so this is more of me giving him time to cuddle and pacify. Ahh, nursing. I truly do love the bonding time.
  • Kix is a great co-sleeper. Kie was never good at sleeping in the bed with us. Kix, however, lays there so still. He is like a miniature little man, which I guess he is
  • He does not look like me at all. He looks like his father.
  • Did I mention he has a dimple?
  • He still has dark blue eyes. They lightened up some but they're still darker blue than Kie's.
  • He's got the tan/European skin I always wanted. Guess he got this from either his dad's side of the family or he got it from my dad's.
  • He has fully mastered holding and controlling his head. He really had this down days after his birth. He is extremely strong. It probably also helps to have a brother to watch, he is always running around.
  • I have to put baby powder between his neck rolls. Milk dribbles down between all his creases and I have to clean them constantly. And to prevent chaffing, I use baby powder. Haha, #fatbabyproblems, #toomanychins 
  • Size 1-2 diapers, 3-6 months clothes (some 0-3 still work)
  • Did I mention I LOVE being a mom to TWO boys!?
  • God really knows what is best. Glory to Him, always!
I can't think of anything else really, besides we play a lot. We lay on the ground, we do tummy time, we hike, we walk, we sing, exercise, have dance time and we do story time!

Also, we do a lot of baby wearing in the Ergo.
Initially Kix will fuss about getting into it, but after I start moving he calms down and takes his pacifier. I love grocery shopping and baby wearing! 
Overall, life is great with my two.
There are trying times, but more great times than anything.

God had taught me about letting go, and that's what has helped so much!
I'll post tomorrow on Kix's appointment and also an update on my HOT MOM post.
Hope everyone is doing great!
Loving this new year so  much already :)

Until next time,

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