Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hot Mom-post baby body

Hey readers, hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Christmas!
I did, but I gotta admit--this year was INSANE and crazy. More on that later,
for now I'm feeling inspired and thought I'd officially start my postings on my POST-baby body quest.

Some people may criticize that I'm trying to lose weight and get back in shape and that I need to use my time to be with my children. I do agree, but also I want to be a good mom.
Being a good mom entails me having energy for two boys.
I also have a husband who DOES love me regardless how much weight I have on my frame or doesn't care my butt is 5 inches wider than it use to be (seriously, it is nearly 5 inches wider) but I want to feel and look good for him.  And when I feel good, well...the whole family does better!

And most importantly, I want to set a healthy example--and I love being outside and running around--and I want my boys to be outside running too! I want them to use their bodies in sports, for fun, for play and to ultimately be used by God. And I definitely believe our bodies are temples, and I need to set a good example to my family that I think my body is a temple.

Alas, I don't have hours at a time to devote to exercising like I've done before (seriously, I had no excuse before kids to have fat on my body!) so it will take time to lose the weight.

I'm already a bit upset because I'm actually up FOUR POUNDS from Christmas!
I hope a lot of it is water retention but I doubt that.

So now that I'm officially announcing my healthier lifestyle--and exercise plan--I have no reason and no excuse to keep me at this same state!

Though, I will admit--I am going out on a date with Justin on New Year's Eve (our first date since September) so I will be indulging and having a glass or two of wine--
I believe in living life--and I won't be the kind of gal that can totally cut out everything bad. Not now at least.
I gotta ease myself in.

Besides, I tried to do some serious 'detoxing' last year and wowza, my body revolted (if you have been reading my blog awhile) then you may recall my juicing I've done.

So yes, I'll be doing weekly, maybe daily posts on my journey.
I already weighed myself.
And though I don't want to put the number up yet---I do want to say I put on 46lbs while pregnant.
Initially I lost 26--now I've gained 4 back--so I've got to lose 24 to get to pre-pregnancy state.

From there, I'll re-evaluate--and try to lose an additional 15lbs.

If you do the math thats nearly 40lbs to lose!

Here's my plan of action:

Track everything I eat through Myfitnesspal (I've been doing this with a few friends--also, if you're interested in being my friend on Myfitnesspal we can check in on one another and check out our diets!) It can be embarrassing but it keeps you accountable! If you want to know my user name to find me: it's fitmomma918

I also have a Nike Fuel Band I got during Christmas.
Justin surprised me with it!
My brother has one and so does my Sister-in-law.
Another great device to use as accountability and to get you moving more.
It tracks running, jogs, walks...calories spent, steps taken and of course your Fuel points.
It tracks everything on the computer and graphs it for you. It's pretty inspiring and eye opening!

I am striving to get 3500 fuel points a day! Which has YET to happen. However, I have been pretty lazy since Christmas.

I also plan on having at least 20-30 minutes of cardio a day.
This doesn't sound like a lot, but between a 8 week old and a 2 year old--a husband, a house and a job--it's all the time I can allot for now.
Maybe when Kix is more on a schedule I can find more time in the mornings or during their naps.

My cardio will include either Zumba, my dance class, doing the Shred or walking/jogging.
I also plan on doing strength training with some weights. Not much weights because I will be using what I have here. 
I do have a gym membership but I wont be going to the gym until Kix is old enough to go.
Or, when Justin is home to watch the kids.

My walks will happen with a stroller (pushing Kie) and wearing Kix (in the Ergo).

I don't really plan on running until I drop some weight.
I have a bad knee from a ski accident two years ago and extra weight on my joints cause it to hurt more.

I also am exclusively breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding doesn't seem to help me much because I'm always more hungry when bfeeding but I don't do it to lose weight. 
I do it because it ultimately is the best for my baby. 
However, it does help burn anywhere from 300-500 calories!
So if my eating is on track, then breastfeeding will help me burn more to lose more.

I plan on eating around 1600-1700 calories a day. (I do need more to breastfeed so that's why the number is a bit higher)
I know this is realistic.
I just doubt I'll be able to do it most days--until I retrain my eating habits.

I do plan on having one day a week to 'cheat'...
I will track those days--but I won't be killing myself if I have one too many pieces of cheese, Dove chocolates, or what have you.

So there ya have it folks.
My plan, at hand!
I start today!

I did my measurements (waist, stomach, thighs, arms etc.)
and I will check them every 30 days.

I will weigh every other day (I have to for my own sanity) and report a weekly change.
Alright, that's enough rambling!

Stay tuned for a Christmas post and pictures to come!


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