Sunday, December 9, 2012

quiet moments

Some of my favorite moments of the day include nap time.
Don't get me wrong, this isn't because I use nap time to finally eat my bonbons and sip some wine.
(But if I had the bonbons, I may just do that.)
It's because, during the quiet few minutes--I can sit there and be in awe of my blessings.
It's the quiet moments I can reflect on life.
Of where I've been,
and the journey it took to get here.
I look at my sleeping newborn (how long can I call him my newborn?)
and relish in this time.
His ever changing face,
his weight gain and new squeaky noises he makes.

It's during the quiet times I can pray,
thanking God countless times for what He has given me--regardless if I deserve it.

I sit here, looking at my house...though messy and littered in toys and clothes...
I'm grateful to have a home.
A home we've work hard together on making.
A home that my husband returns to after a long day of work to find it full of life.
A home where we can share dinners, prayers, playtime and such.
It's in these moments of quietness I find myself being humbled and grateful over and over.

My life truly changed when I became a mother.
Before I became a mother, I could hardly sit and be in the quiet...
I was always on the go...
and always looking for the future and what to do next.

Even now my mind races with things to do and get done.
But sometimes, I take the time to sit.
Sit and be thankful for everything right now.
Happy to be in this life...
to be in this moment.

Thankful for two healthy, beautiful boys that forever changed my life.
I sit and am thankful for the hardworking husband that leaves this house 6 days a week to provide for us.

I sit in the silence...
and am in awe.

What do you do in your quiet moments?


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