Thursday, December 20, 2012

techno-madness and the need to unplug

Packing for a toddler, a newborn and a mom in-between my regular size and after-pregnancy clothes is not an easy task....basically I need a lot of options, for the three of us.

And, not to mention--squeeze all said luggage AND Christmas presents...
AND the two car seats...babies, husband, diaper bags and toys and MORE into our SUV.

We're blessed to have so much..
but packing it,
makes me wish life was a bit more simple and a lot less cluttered.

can I tell you how ridiculous our technology items we're packing ALONE are?

(Btw, I pack most of our big techno items in case we do get burglarized...and I don't want my vast picture and music library missing!)

Techno gadgets being packed:

Two Mac Computers
Two Ipods (one Touch, one brand new Nano)
Two cell phones (An Android and a Blackberry)
One Kindle
One Nike Fuel Band
One Dvd player (with two screens)
One Nikon Camera
One Kodak Ready Shot HD Camera
A Cannon Digital Camera
and lastly,
One Motorola Baby Web Cam and monitor screen
*not to mention all the battery packs, connection devices and usb plugs we need to go with all that...

(ridiculous, seriously...I'm rolling my eyes at the madness)

I think we have enough technology---
and we're only going to be gone for a few days...

But, to clarify I pack all this because I worry if we don't bring it--something could happen.
I always think about house fires or getting robbed--so that is truly why I bring everything with me. Not because I think I need it.

See, I'm crazy.

Does anyone else pack all their techno-gadets when they go somewhere?

until next time,

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