Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December y'all (and bullet points)

Happy December 1st Everyone!

Lots of firsts going on around here!
Let's do a quick update via bullets.

  • We used our advent calendar today for the first time (I bought it last year). I think Kie is going to love matching the numbers with the day. Plus, it's a learning tool. We got ours from Pottery Barn Kids (here!) And we got it monogrammed. So it will be special for years to come.
  • Kix moved to SIZE ONE diapers today. Lil man is growing! (Check out the picture below)
  • I tried working out the past two days. First day was a joke. 5 minutes of pilates with Kie. Kie did better than me.
  • Yesterday I did about 15 minutes of an aerobic workout with Kie again. I don't know how I'll find more time to workout with the kids and a husband who works 90 hour weeks. So I'm realizing I'll have to fine tune my diet. Kie also told me "NOOOOO EXERCISING!" He is already tired of it.
  • Alas, dieting during the holiday season, who does that? Not this girl. At least, not successfully.
  • I did get some new workout gear to inspire me. I WILL be posting my journey for the next months to come. I'm ready to be strong again.
  • I watched our show again on Thursday--I can't wait to post pictures of Drew & Jonathan and talk a little about our experience. Watching the show now is so surreal. I actually miss Jonathan and Drew...and the whole TV crew. They were great people. However, there was a lot of REAL drama behind the scenes.
  • Speaking of scenes, I told Justin that my next plan is to audition for a role in one of our many theatres. One of the thousand reasons I love Austin is that we have a great culture for art and music. I use to do theatre and I miss is a lot. It would be so awesome to one day get back into it. This of course, is a goal WAY down the road.
  • My post baby body has a lot of junk in the trunk. The husband loves it. My pants do not. My stomach is pretty much gone (besides the lovely c-section pooch that takes a few months) but it's my thighs and butt that is HUGE. 
  • Having a two year old and a newborn means something gets neglected. For this week, it's been my house. I'd say there is one day a week my house looks good.
  • Did I mention Kie officially knows ALL his letters, numbers, shapes and animals? It is so impressive to me that a *new* two year old knows all this. Maybe because when I was growing up Carter (my little brother) did not know all his alphabet until after Kindergarten. I remember being little and working flashcards with him before bed. Haha! (Love ya, Carter!) However, that did not hinder him--he grew up to be so very smart and graduated top of his class.
Alright, enough of that.
I hope everyone is having a GREAT December so far.
Next week I go to my doctor to get a check up...
I'm ready to be cleared for exercising (officially).
And I think this year I'm asking Santa for a double stroller.
I said I wouldn't get one but seeing that Kix doesn't like being worn (I'm using an Ergo) then I need another option.

Until next time,

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