Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kix: One Month

Happy ONE MONTH Kix!!
(technically, I'm a few days late.)

Wow does time fly!
I cannot believe Kix is ONE month old.

It seems like he has always been a part of the family.
Weird how babies and mommies hearts work out.
It just feels SO right that he is here.
I can't explain it really, but it's like Kie was meant to be a big brother.
And that Justin's heart---was doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled since Kix was born.
Almost like, the more babies--the more love that ensues...
It's a weird/wonderful thing.

Kix is doing so well. He is a great baby.
He rarely cries (he cries during cold night time diaper changes) and that's about all.

He sleeps really good.
He naps really good,
and he eats really good.

Overall, he is just very GOOD
and laid back.
Must be the second child thing.
Ha! His older brother does all the talking and carrying Kix doesn't have to!

As for weight, he hasn't been weighed since his 2 week appointment and he was nearly 8lbs.
Justin tried weighing him on the home scale a few days ago, and it said he is 9.6lbs.
 Of course, we have to take that with a grain of salt...but still, he is getting huge!
I have tons of pictures to post of chubby cheeks.
(I'm still trying to get my own domain through Blogger-but apparently there are some technical issues on their end! So stick with me and soon *I hope as my Christmas present* I get my own domain up and all updated pictures!)

Our feedings are also on-demand.
I don't do scheduled feeds just yet.
It will come whenever we do sleep training. But for now, when he's this young I just feed when he asks.
Normally I feed every 2 hours.
During the day he cluster feeds and when I'm not doing other things, we nurse to pacify.
Some parents may disagree with this, but I like to hold new babies as much as possible...
because WOW do they grow up fast.
And before you know it, you have a toddler that doesn't like to be held or cuddled as much because he has trees to climb and rocks to throw ;)

As for the evenings,
Kix is like clock work.

Normally he *wakes up* around 11pm---
and he likes to 'party' until 12am-ish.
Then he falls asleep around 1:00am until 3-3:30am--when we wake to feed.
He then wakes right after his dad leaves at 6:30am.

Sometimes, if we are a bit restless, or wake earlier--then his Daddy feeds him a bottle (I've pumped)
changes him, swaddles him and puts him back in his bassinet or in bed with me.
::Also every morning, Justin has me my peppermint mocha coffee waiting for me:: That's love!

I hate to say this, but we're co-sleeping more than I ever thought.
Do I love co-sleeping?
Do I get paranoid about it?
However, I'm also worried while he's laying right next to me in his Rock N' Play.
He does sleep best in my arms.

As for any other stats,
he doesn't wear many clothes still.
I have SO many cute newborn outfits for him too.
But he doesn't fit in them really, even with him being so big.
He also wets most of his clothes, so normally he wears some pants and on occasion he will wear a few onesies. Typically, he stays swaddled or wrapped up in a blanket.

He loves the light Gerber monogrammed blankets we got from Terri's Treasures.
And since it's been so warm this 'winter' most of the winter wear newborn clothes are too heavy still.

He is also still wearing newborn diapers...but I think once this last pack is gone we will switch to size one! However, I do worry he will pee out of the leg holes. (Yes, I talk about pee a lot.)

As for hair, he is losing his dark hair.
All his top hair is slowly going now he has the "old man" hair on the sides.
It's too cute! (Just like Kie did.)
His dark eyes (kinda grey at first) are now turning into dark blue.
They're lighter around the pupil.
I wonder if they'll lighten up more and be like mine and Kie's?
I kinda like the dark deep blue they are now.
We'll see...
It's just so interesting to watch how much he has transformed in such a short time.

He also makes the sweetest squeals and grunts.
Justin called him our squeaky mouse, because he squeaks all the time.
He also sticks out his little tongue and makes the funniest faces.

Oh, and boy does he poop!
I don't recall changing so many diapers with Kie.
But with Kix, I change ALL THE TIME!

I joked with Justin that my days consists of diapers, spit up, diapers and stains on my shirt!
As soon as I get a shower or put on a clean top--it either has leaky breast milk, pee or spit up on me!
But that is the glamorous life of a momma.

Kix really is a great baby.
I thought maybe I'd be done with having kids after him--but I don't know.
I battle these thoughts daily.
I DO know that the next one (if there is one) will be spaced out further.
I say this because I truly want to enjoy Kix fully--and Kie in this age.

I love how close they are together--but I don't see how I could possibly enjoy everything with three so close in age. It is already is a struggle to get and do everything I'd love to do with Kie.

He is great with Kix but I feel as though he is so independent now--and I just miss the lil boy he use to be. However, he DOES always need me right when I sit to down to nurse. It never fails :)

Moms that manage to have multiple babies back to back are super heroes!
I've also had to make a rigid schedule (I am a structured, type A person at times) for myself in order to get the house cleaned, manage two babes, work, get myself showered--cook for the husband and toddler and such.

And of course for me to eat and sleep too!
Basically, something has to be left out.
And with this being the holiday season, life seems to be extra rushed and hurried.

(Did I mention I hosted and cooked Thanksgiving!?)
Yea! It was intense and a bit stressful at first--
::We had a few unexpected visitors come for dinner and everyone showed up 2 hours earlier!::
But overall, it was amazing and I've got so much to be grateful for!

Well, this momma is going to go get 'freshened up' before the Husband comes home. That just means a new top on and a brush through my hair.
Which, by the way--is in a scrunchie
They're back! I just bought a pack of them from Target. I'm super fancy, don't be jealous ;)

But yep, both babies are sleeping (seriously, the house is so quiet)
and oh, did I mention 99% of my Christmas shopping is done?
Don't hate me, I did it all online! (It's too easy to spend money online, y'all!)
It is even easier since my work pays me through Paypal--so instead of depositing my checks to my bank--I keep it in my Paypal account to spend. BAD!

Alright, I gotta get...
I use the best grammar

Until next time,

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