Friday, November 2, 2012

Time ago

A week ago tonight I went into labor with my littlest lil' man...
Two years ago tonight, I went into labor with my BIGGEST lil' man.

my sweet baby...
(well toddler)
will be turning TWO.

I wish I had a long post.
An eloquet one...
But, I don't.

I have been so busy.
Life has been crazy (but good).
I haven't had time to shower, much less blog.

here's my lil measley post.

My lil man,
will be two.

Life has been a tornado and I can't even fathom everything right now nor everything I'd like to say.

Maybe I'll have a better post soon.
But for now, I'll leave it at this--my letter to Kie.

Dear Kie,
Tomorrow you turn two.
Sometimes I wish I could freeze time, but regardless--I'm so happy to be HERE with you.
Two years ago I was visiting you in the NICU--but now you're here--healthy, smart and handsome.
Now--you're a big brother.
You're so intelligent.
So entertaining.
So sweet.
You're so full of life.
From your "pumpkin voice" to your counting, to your singing, your dancing, to your 'Hook Em Horns!' chants...
You truly know how to make everyone smile or laugh.
These past two years have been the best of my life.
You've shown me joy, tested my patience, taught me to be a better woman...
You make me want to be a better mom--a better everything.

I've said this before, you saved me from myself.
You truly did.

Tomorrow you turn two.
And though I can't pause time,
I truly enjoy everyday more because of you.

I thank God for you.
I am so blessed to be your mom and I pray you grow up knowing how much I love you.

Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!
It will be all about you!

Your momma

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