Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby name origin

Obviously, if you have been reading then you'll know we named our newest addition, Justin Kix.

I never announced it until we HAD the baby because honestly it was a hard decision (in some ways).

We KNEW we wanted to have a family name for both our sons.

Kie's full name is Timothy Kie Knuth. (Btw, our last name is German and you pronounce it Ka-Newt).
Kie is named after my father, Tim.
Whom I love dearly.

Well, when I found out we were having another sweet boy, I begin looking into my husband's family for a name.

Justin's late father--who was born and raised in Germany--was named Bodo.
Interesting name.
And very German.
But not exactly the name I wanted for my son.

Justin's father, like Justin, do not have a middle name.
Apparently in Germany, it's a normal thing not to be given one.

So my choices were limited.
Justin has a few uncles that also have some very German names...
basically, none really fit into what I thought would be ideal for our new son.

Also, if you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know that Justin's father took his own life when Justin was just a boy--ultimately resulting in Justin being put into a group home and into foster care.

 And though Justin still idolizes his dad in some forms, we also wanted to start our boys' lives in a positive note.

So, I began thinking we should name our new son after their own father--and make Justin a proud and positive name to pass on.

Justin (my husband) was at first not keen on this idea.
I think it took a long time for him to finally warm up to the idea of naming his son after him.
He thought his son having his last name was enough.

We bounced around on a lot of different names--and it took the DAY of our son's birth to finalize what his name would be.

The birth certificate lady even tried coming into our room to get us to sign the certificate and I got her to come back a few hours later to make sure we were 100% on the name!

As for the KIX part,
which I love....I had been thinking of that name WAY before Kix was even a twinkle in his daddy's eye ;)

I loved the name Kie and I always thought it would be so precious to have a Kie & a Kix together.

I was dreaming *and wishing* we would have another boy--so I'm so glad we got to use the name.

Now, if you're a true country gal like myself--the name Kix would remind you of Kix Brooks.
Kix Brooks from Brooks & Dunn! (they're retired now)
And if you're like me--from the South, well you were raised on their music.

I always thought Kix had an awesome name.
It was country, it was cool--it was edgy.

And how many Kix do you know?

So for me, it was a no brainier.
Plus, Kix sounds GREAT with our last name Knuth! (Ka-Newt)
Kix Knuth, too cute!

So the name Kix is a hail to my country girl roots which I'm proud of!

I love the name and I hope Kix grows up to love it as well!
I know it takes some time for people to get use to it--and that was another reason I held back on telling others.
Mainly because I didn't care to hear their opinions....
(Everyone has one!)

Anyway, that's where we got his name!
I hope he grows up proud to be named after his amazing, hardworking, giving and loving father--and that he appreciates his cool middle name as well!

Oh, btw guys--tune in tomorrow night to HGTV at 8pm (central) to watch me & my family on Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers!!
It should be interesting!

Until next time,


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