Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fill-You-In and Two weeks PP

Don't read if motherhood info makes you sick.
My warning to you ;)

Juggling two babies---
and doctors appointments is for the BIRDS!

Today I had to go BACK to the doctor (and wait an hour.)
They were worried I was having some post-partum hemorrhaging.
After a sono, it seems I should be ok. There is no placenta left over...thank goodness.
However, I'm extremely anemic and on  meds to hopefully finish contracting everything.
Lovely, I know.

Basically, I've been told to NOT do so much.
Honestly, I don't think I'm doing a lot.
But, it's hard to judge when you have a two year old.
I do know that physically, my incision feels WAY better than it did with Kie.
All the laboring and pushing with Kie made it a lot harder to heal.
And since Kie WAS in the birth canal nearly two hours (tmi, again)
they had to PUSH him back up from my pelvis to cut him out.

It was a lot on this body.
Thankfully, this time it was a lot easier.


We're getting on a schedule somewhat.
Kie, thank the Lord--is on an amazing schedule.
He has been getting up earlier than I'd like (his new bed means he is up and wandering around in his room.)
And his nap times have been overall great.

Thank goodness.
It gives me a second or two to NURSE in quiet and if Kix is asleep then I shower early in the mornings.

My work & blogging has been put off.
Along with cooking (tho I've been cooking, it's just not anything extravagant and amazing.)
The house is decorated in ALL THINGS baby,
And what I mean is I'm constantly doing and folding laundry.
So baby clothes and diapers are everywhere. (An organized mess)

THIS baby--
is SO easy.
In fact, he NEVER cries.
I don't get it.
It wasn't like Kie was bad, but Kix is even easier.
Yes, I'm being that annoying mom that says she has an easy baby.
I understand he's only TWO it can easily change.

It makes me think he'll be like his father. So laid back and chill. 
(Then there's me--spazzy, dramatic Halley with Kie who is just like me.)

Kix being so easy makes me think God wants me to have another.
He seriously is so easy.

He does still like to be up during the nights but I've noticed the last few days he has been staying awake more during the day. And last night he slept the best!
I prefer to nurse every 2-3 hours.
And he slept over 3, nearly 4 hours. Until I got him up to nurse.
::I like to make sure they're gaining and eating well while breastfeeding::

As for today--He is getting circumcised.
It makes me sad.

Mainly because I went with Kie to get his done--and they strap their poor arms and legs down.
I cried and cried.
(I have reasons why I don't do circumcision in the hospitals.)

I didn't want Kix to be circumcised --but considering it's a MAN issue. It is up to my husband and well, our other son is circumcised too.
Sooo, I don't want him to feel different.

Plus, it's overall better and keeps things clean.

So yes, this morning I've already been to the doctor.
My amazing husband took off two hours to watch BOTH boys--
and now he is with Kix to get the procedure done.

Bless my amazing husband.
Seriously, for a man that works AS much as he does...
Then returns home to do laundry, clean house, watch kids--and work on his own business---
I could NOT ask for a better man.
I thank God everyday for him.

Not to mention,
now that my hormones are regulating themselves...all I want to do is be all over my husband.
Seriously, I have the hots for him like I did when we were dating...
And obviously, there's LITTLE I can do to manage that for now. (Tmi, tmi, tmi--forgive me!)

I will be posting Kix new stats...
As of last Friday he weighed 7lbs and 3oz. (This is after he lost a lot of weight.)
And he gained 9oz back.
I'm curious if he has put on more.
I hope so!
He eats great!
And maybe soon he won't be peeing out of his diaper...(his little legs and belly means teetee escapes easily!)

Btw, as of my doctors scale--I'm officially down 20lbs.
In two weeks.

I'll post my before body shots and will be going over my plans to workout once the doctor gives me the thumbs up.

I can't wait to get strong again! I miss running--and going to boot camp!
Also, I love tight jeans/boots and leggings.

AHH, ok well I gotta get some stuff done before the Hubs returns with Kix.
I am finishing my birth story and it should be UP tomorrow.
AND I'm posting about our HGTV show.
Airing November 21st!


Happy Friday Y'all!

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