Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Only a thousand cutest owl pictures....

I'm not doing good with this blog thing, so I thought a million pictures of the cutest owl will suffice for a bit!
On the plus side, life is GREAT.
Sure, I'm tired.
I may smell of breast milk, spit up and have pee on me on any given minute of the day...
but my heart is FULL!

I have been meaning to completely catch up on pictures, blog posts and my work--
but my husband has been working overtime this week so it has meant my hands are tied with two kids, a house to clean, countless dinners/lunches to make and of course the 24/7 nursing I do.

I am running on love fumes, newborn cute-ness and lots of coffee with peppermint creamer (tis the season!)

As for the hardworking, handsome husband--I don't see him until 11pm most nights.
I'm thankful for the work...(because in this economy we RATHER work than not!)
Justin is normally booked 3-4 weeks in advance...
so it just so happens he's been very busy this week...

This weekend I SHOULD have some time to sit and get some good posts up!
I can't wait to share my pre-delivery body picture--
and my current one.
And the plan of action!
(Still have 3 more weeks of rest)
I also see my Doctor tomorow.
Maybe he'll finally remove my incision bandages and give me an update on my healing.

Oh yes, 
It kinda was sprung on me last minute, but I'm excited!

I have a busy next few days...
also, Justin and Kie will be going to the FORMULA ONE race this weekend!
So awesome!

Kie is one lucky dude to have such a cool dad!
As for me and Kix, we will be spending it home and pulling out CHRISTMAS!

Lots of Michael Buble and The Nutcracker will be playing.
Can't wait.

Keep tuned!
Lots to come!

OH and NEXT WEEK our show on HGTV AIRS!
(Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers!)
Yep, November 21st!

It will be VERY interesting!

Until next time,


disregard spelling errors,
my spell check is not working!

Kie loved his first time trick-or-treating.
Last year we went to our church for the Fall Festival. This year we missed it because I was in the hospital! I loved Kie dressing up as an owl! He had an owl themed birthday party and I wanted him to be something 'cute' for another year while I still have the 'control' to dress him as I please!
I love my lil owl!

Btw, he would go "whoo whoo!" all night...
too (whoo whoo) cute!

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