Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring pictures & bouts of insomnia

I've been having bouts of insomnia lately....
It stinks!

...besides nothing is good on TV this late at night.

I really should use my late night time for something useful,
but I hate to be loud when everyone is snoozing.

::Le sigh::

I do have some cute pictures to show tho!

And now that Spring is in FULL bloom there's lots to be done around our casa.
We were going to start some remodeling but we had some unexpected expenses pop
up so we are holding off until we have the cash we need.
AHHH Dave Ramsey, you would be proud!

Anyway, tomorrow Justin is working so I think me and Kie will be heading to the park.
Or at least for a long walk.
Tonight I took a walk to the store down the street for icecream and everyone was buying themselves a
lottery ticket.
And since I've never played, and I had two dollars to spare...
I bought one!
I felt silly, but at the same time, hopeful.
And I prayed to God we would tithe and I'd give to charities if I won.

However, I didn't win.
I do believe that is my FIRST and last time to ever buy a lottery ticket.

I realize people have a lot of opinions on gambling.
And I'm SO not here to go into that, but mine was on a whim and to be fun.
Nothing more.

Well I'm going to share my super cute pictures of Kie.
He's wearing a French outfit that has been passed down in my family for over 60 years...
It IS a little boy's outfit and in fact my dad and ALL his brothers (my uncles) and my own brother and boy cousins have all worn it when they were nearly two. (And took pictures to document)

So we had to get Kie in it pronto and I took some cute little pictures of him in the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets!

I can't wait till we go a professional photographer for the black and white shots like my father's.


Until next time,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

happy thursday lovies!

time where does it go?

Seriously, I ran into an old friend today that I've not seen since BEFORE I had Kie...
and it was crazy.
It seemed like only yesterday I was pregnant with Kie--
though I cannot imagine life without him.

Ok, so I can remember those days a bit...
BUT it's crazy how MUCH life changes once you have a child.
I mean, nothing is for me or ABOUT me anymore.
And I admit, I WAS ONE selfish person.
And still at times I struggle with wanting things--or wishing for things---but of course I never indulge in that...
(the actual buying)
but I still think about it.

It's just once you become a mom...your brain turns into only thinking about your child.
I don't spend lavishly because I'd rather save for his college.
I don't spend lavishly even on Kie a lot because I know there are things down the road I'd rather do for him.

I also think about the times me and J had before becoming parents.
And though we got to spend a lot of time together--and spoiled one another....
NOW we are a true team.
We work so well off one another.

After a long day with Kie---and I'm tired and needing a small break from my sweet, but very clingy toddler....
J takes him outside to play in the backyard...
Or he does chores with him (like letting him ride on the mower with him) Seriously, SO CUTE.
Or J takes him on errands...

Of course we spend a lot of family time together...
but sometimes (like right now) a momma needs her break.

And though I wish I was getting a mani/pedi...
or I had endless amount of energy so I could be at the gym...
or shopping with my cash that grows on trees...
I'm quite happy with the minutes I get to lay down in bed...
or open up my Bible to try and tackle a few more chapters.

J and I get our time together but its those special rare moment we get to steal.
Like during nap time on the weekend when we just lay on the sofa or in the bed...
too tired to do much but too busy to lay too long...

Life happens fast.
And I feel blessed to have the one I have now.

Alright, time to get back to baby and Hubs.
We have friends coming over tonight to grill out.
Also stay tuned...
I have things to share.
Hope everyone is doing great.



Oh here's a few pics from Colorado--better late than NEVER!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why I rarely blog...& Then some

Hey readers!
What few I still have--since my LACK of blogging has been getting worse and worse.

I am here to be honest.
Originally I started this blog to VENT when I got pregnant.
Because as a pregnant lady you tend to think a lot and would like to share.
And it was my way of getting things out and just expressing myself.
Well, since then I started to blog to keep family and friends on what is going on in life...
and life SOMETIMES can be exciting and thrilling---
and most of things I'd like to remember---I rarely BLOG about.

I am the WORSE about uploading pictures.
Seriously, AWFUL.
So I think--well I can't blog because I have no pictures to share.
So I wait and wait and then so many things happen in that TIME that I am like well---there's no point in blogging about that exciting time (3 weeks ago!)
So I don't!

Anyway, it's gotten into a bad habit.
And I actually LOVE to blog and I love to write....
and express myself.

SO instead of lying (I dont mean to lie I just am bad about getting around to it!) and saying pictures are coming soon etc.
I WILL blog...
and pictures WILL eventually come.
And sometimes I will have the random cell phone shot (actually a lot of them are!)

BUT regardless, picture-less or not I am going to be blogging.
Because sometimes life is way interesting and I haven't shared.
So with that SAID...
I will share on how we saved money on our family ski trip...
AND MY TRUE thoughts on it.

SO here is PART TWO of this blog.
Btw, I say the word "SO" SO much in my blogs.
I need a better transition word.
If you think of one for me, let me know, mmk!? Thanks friends!

Like I said, we paid CASH for our ski trip.
First tip,
we KNEW we were heading to Colorado (Breckenridge to be exact)
about 4 maybe even 5 months before we went.

Justin and I LOVE TO TRAVEL.
In fact, we have been on a few family vacays.
Some have been close by trips.
Like an hour or two to the next lake for a Lake/Camp trip with Kie.
Or we go to Dallas...or San Antonio for a night or two.
And of course we make the LONG, LONG trip to Atlanta for the special weekend to see family.

And of course there was the BEST BEACH vacation to Florida last summer.
(AH the beach I miss you!!!)
we knew we were going to Colorado for awhile.
So this past Christmas we skimped on each other---(we got small gifts)
we RE-GIFTED a lot of Kie's birthday presents (and even some PAST Christmas presents)
and we made Christmas MORE about family and quality time then gifts.

And believe me NOT, but it was the best Christmas I've ever experienced!
Seriously, NOT focusing on gifts made the season sweeter & made us concentrate on what Christmas truly is about.
AND we saved a lot.

Also--I cooked most every night...
And I started a vacation jar 
that I left in the kitchen so we could put our extra change and money in it.

We put a label on it with the big words "VACATION MONEY!"
And whatever spare change we had, or extra money or whatever we had went into it.
Ideally I wanted an extra $1,000 just in case.
And it was BIG and clear so it was exciting watching out change and dollars PILE up!

Not only did we prepare early by saving whatever we could....
we also booked our flights at an ideal time.
See, I'll let ya in on a secret.
If you book flights on a TUESDAY...they are like THE CHEAPEST tickets you can get.
So we got super cheap all around tickets from Austin to Denver.

Of course, flying with a baby means no seat for him--so you SAVE on that.
**THOUGH flying with a baby is NOT ideal****
However, I may add....
*More on that later*
Justin has his own snowboard and gear---
AND since we're blessed with an uncle and aunt that lives in Breck, we got to use one of their medallion ski passes.
Which meant we had ONE less ski pass to buy..
(because by golly--those are expensive!!)
So, we prepared early---and SAVED.
Had SOME gear already (though we did have to pay to board it on the plane)
bought our plane tickets on a Tuesday and SAVED
and we only had to buy ME a ski pass.
SO already our trip has been HALFED in price.

Now for the hotels etc.
We did SAVE so we could splurge some.
And we did splurge a little.
But we made it in our budget so we could.

First off, our condo in Breck is actually a timeshare.
We bought our timeshare from Justin's parents a few years ago.
They werent able to keep it for financial purposes so we paid it off in full and got the title to it.
*We did this BEFORE we had a baby and after we got a tax refund. So we were blessed with money at the time and blessed to be able to fully pay it off and have the title.

Of course, owning a timeshare is great---and having it ALL paid off means you mainly pay for HOA fees.
So it does cost a few hundred dollars--but NOTHING like it would if we rented a condo in Breck for a week.
And luckily, this timeshare is changeable. 
So that means we can vacation wherever our timeshare has rooms (which means most places!)
Therefore, our condo was VERY cheap.
We got a huge large condo--full kitchen/living room/hot tub....etc.
And the splurges I'm speaking of is the occasional times we would eat out...
but since we had a kitchen most meals came from there!
ONCE again, SAVING tons of money!

Our splurges were putting Kie in half day of daycare so we could ski/snowboard together.
**And that was the ONE time we got to go together**
The other days we took turns.
And since we took turns we only needed ONE ski pass for the week.
And I rented by gear at a place we had a coupon for.
(Our resort would give coupons for places in town!)
Which by the way, is a great tip!
If you're staying at a hotel or resort, ask if they have suggestions for places to eat or things to do.
Most likely they WILL have coupons for local businesses.
As for our week in Breck, we didn't go over the budget we had.
Even with all of us getting deathly sick... (ha!)
And the only MAJOR splurge we had came at the end of the week when we stayed downtown Denver.

Even then, the hotel wasn't that much.
And we had a great time at the Denver zoo!
And PART of the reason I allowed us to stay at a hotel downtown (that cost us $130)--maybe that's not  much to you--but I figured staying at a nice hotel with a valet parking (included) and a free breakfast--and WALKING distance to all the restaurants made it well worth the money.
Plus--I'm sure we won't be back in Denver again for a LONG, LONG while.
I think the next time we go Kie (and if we have more kids) will be old enough to dress themselves and join us on the slopes.
It was really hard to leave Kie in day school, even though he loved it.
So next time we head to Colorado it will be YEARS and YEARS down the road.

I'm more of a beach girl.
I prefer to lay in the sun and the surf.
Fruity drinks and fried sea food....
and no layers and layers of clothes to wear!
So yep, that's my thoughts on our trip!
It was fun and beautiful--
But we'll wait till Kie man is old enough to be on the slopes with us!
Alright, this is long.
I'm wrapping it up.
Also, stay tuned for some exciting stories....
and news....
and eventually pictures.

Lots of love,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Getaway!!

Hey friends! So I've been awful on blogging.

We JUST got back from our family vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado.
And I WISH I could tell you it was ALL that I dreamed it would be...
BUT sadly,
It wasn't.

Unfortunately, we got super sick with the stomach virus.
And it took a MAJOR toll!
A 3 day long TOLL.

we were on vacation for 10 not ALL the days were spent in the bathroom.
But, it still put a major kink in our plans.

However, I guess if I had to get the stomach flu--it's nice to have it where you can open the deck doors to FRESH mountain air.

I DO have a lot of pictures to show of the FUN times---and so I will be posting those next post.

ALSO-- Kie loved the snow! I was surprised...
Because I know when I was a kid I didn't care too much for the snow.
Mainly because I'd get wet and freeze.
But that's probably because I didnt have the proper snow gear on.

Kie, however--had some nice snow gear--thanks to his Uncle Carter that works at REI.

We spent the majority of the trip sledding--swimming in the heated pools--Justin snowboarded a lot...
And I spent some time in the spa getting massages and of course a little time on the slopes.
We even spent a wonderful night in Denver downtown and went to their amazing zoo!

All in all, it WAS a great trip.
But next time I'm bringing a nanny (or a Grandmother) with us--so that way when a baby gets sick--or when I DO, someone is there to help out.

ALSO--I will be sharing on my NEXT blog about how we paid CASH for our entire trip.

Yep, see we are STILL doing our budgeting and saving as MUCH as we can.
And we are proud to say we paid CASH for everything.
That means, plane tickets...
ski lifts,
renting gear...
dinners out...

So come back and read how we managed a 10 day vacation (sick and all) on JUST CASH!

Well, hope everyone has been having a great Spring Break!

Until next time,


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