Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring pictures & bouts of insomnia

I've been having bouts of insomnia lately....
It stinks!

...besides nothing is good on TV this late at night.

I really should use my late night time for something useful,
but I hate to be loud when everyone is snoozing.

::Le sigh::

I do have some cute pictures to show tho!

And now that Spring is in FULL bloom there's lots to be done around our casa.
We were going to start some remodeling but we had some unexpected expenses pop
up so we are holding off until we have the cash we need.
AHHH Dave Ramsey, you would be proud!

Anyway, tomorrow Justin is working so I think me and Kie will be heading to the park.
Or at least for a long walk.
Tonight I took a walk to the store down the street for icecream and everyone was buying themselves a
lottery ticket.
And since I've never played, and I had two dollars to spare...
I bought one!
I felt silly, but at the same time, hopeful.
And I prayed to God we would tithe and I'd give to charities if I won.

However, I didn't win.
I do believe that is my FIRST and last time to ever buy a lottery ticket.

I realize people have a lot of opinions on gambling.
And I'm SO not here to go into that, but mine was on a whim and to be fun.
Nothing more.

Well I'm going to share my super cute pictures of Kie.
He's wearing a French outfit that has been passed down in my family for over 60 years...
It IS a little boy's outfit and in fact my dad and ALL his brothers (my uncles) and my own brother and boy cousins have all worn it when they were nearly two. (And took pictures to document)

So we had to get Kie in it pronto and I took some cute little pictures of him in the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets!

I can't wait till we go a professional photographer for the black and white shots like my father's.


Until next time,

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