Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Getaway!!

Hey friends! So I've been awful on blogging.

We JUST got back from our family vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado.
And I WISH I could tell you it was ALL that I dreamed it would be...
BUT sadly,
It wasn't.

Unfortunately, we got super sick with the stomach virus.
And it took a MAJOR toll!
A 3 day long TOLL.

we were on vacation for 10 not ALL the days were spent in the bathroom.
But, it still put a major kink in our plans.

However, I guess if I had to get the stomach flu--it's nice to have it where you can open the deck doors to FRESH mountain air.

I DO have a lot of pictures to show of the FUN times---and so I will be posting those next post.

ALSO-- Kie loved the snow! I was surprised...
Because I know when I was a kid I didn't care too much for the snow.
Mainly because I'd get wet and freeze.
But that's probably because I didnt have the proper snow gear on.

Kie, however--had some nice snow gear--thanks to his Uncle Carter that works at REI.

We spent the majority of the trip sledding--swimming in the heated pools--Justin snowboarded a lot...
And I spent some time in the spa getting massages and of course a little time on the slopes.
We even spent a wonderful night in Denver downtown and went to their amazing zoo!

All in all, it WAS a great trip.
But next time I'm bringing a nanny (or a Grandmother) with us--so that way when a baby gets sick--or when I DO, someone is there to help out.

ALSO--I will be sharing on my NEXT blog about how we paid CASH for our entire trip.

Yep, see we are STILL doing our budgeting and saving as MUCH as we can.
And we are proud to say we paid CASH for everything.
That means, plane tickets...
ski lifts,
renting gear...
dinners out...

So come back and read how we managed a 10 day vacation (sick and all) on JUST CASH!

Well, hope everyone has been having a great Spring Break!

Until next time,


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