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Whereabouts and whatnot AND THE MASTER CLEANSE

Hey lovelies!

Sorry I've been MIA...I'd like to say I've been busy saving the dolphins and promoting word peace...but I've actually just been swamped with family life and what not.

Perhaps, SWAMPED isn't the word.
I've just been pre-occupied.

Anyway, a few things to update on!
First off, Valentine's last week was great!

Justin and I did it VERY low key since our vacay is right around the corner.
Justin spoiled me with Godiva chocolates and two bottles of my favorite wine.
And that evening he cooked me up a delicious feast---boiled shrimp and lobster! YUM!
And we had cherry cheese cake and wine to top off the evening.

It was really lovely--and the Valentine (he made) was beautiful and had JUST the right words in it.
Ahhh...seriously, this Valentine's day was the best, spending it with my two men. I'm a blessed girl, and I'm continuously grateful to God for every minute I get with my loves....

THAT being said---let me bring you up to speed with my current situation.

SOOOOO after my HUGE, delicious feast...
I decided the NEXT day I was going to start my new detox/cleanse!

For the past month or so, I had been researching The Master Cleanse....
And I even had a few friends try it (and LOVE it!) and I've had few interested in doing it.
SO, after weeks of "researching" I decided I wanted to embark on this crazy journey and challenge.

Since I spent 3 VERY sick weeks on cold meds and antibiotics...I KNEW my body needed a break and a GOOD "scrubbing!"

So after running to Central Market for all my ingredients...
I started my cleanse on Wednesday.

Well, let me TELL YOU....
It was a battle.
If you don't know anything about The Master Cleanse, I encourage you to Google it.
Of course it's more of a holistic and naturopathic way of cleaning and detoxing the body...
And there are a lot of skeptics.
BUT those skeptics probably not actually TRIED the MC.

Day 1 was BRUTAL.
I seriously dreamed of food all day and fantasized about eating everything bad.
You know, like running to Taco HELL and ordering ONE of everything...
And hitting up Ole JACK in the Box...and getting some Jalapeno Peppers...

Yea, it was a MIND challenge and I was LOSING.

But, I stuck to it.
Not to mention the headache I got from no coffee/caffeine (though I've NOT been consuming much caffeine prior to the MC--but I did get it from my love, Chocolate)

That night I had a cup of Senna tea...AND silly me, but I seeped it too long. And I paid the price all night!

Day 2: The next morning, after cramping all night from the tea, I find out I'm down a lb or two..

AND then I do the dreaded SWF (Salt Water Flush) It's a natural LAXATIVE....
Basically chugging 2teaspoons of SEA SALT in 16 oz (or more) water.
And in an hour or less you get the results...
let's just say it gets the JOB DONE!

After the SWF...I felt amazing.
I had energy!
I was feeling great and I thought I could tackle ANYTHING.

HOWEVER....that night I did cheat and eat.
It was MY fault.
I mean, of course it was.
I thought--(silly me) that I was so doing so well making dinner and lunches for Kie all day that I could EASILY make Justin dinner.

And since *I* was craving pasta and mushrooms and marinara sauce....
Well, I made him that--and low and behold I snuck a few bites.

My super supportive husband threw the entire dinner away (there would of been TONS of leftovers) and  that was that.

I had to start over.
I really beat myself up over that.
HOWEVER--since my stomach wasn't use to eating solids---I instantly got sick!

**Note: On the MC you DO get TONS of calories...but it's ALL the lemonade/juice mix you consume.
SO it is NOT starving! You're just simply NOT eating solid foods--artificial foods or anything toxic for your body.

In fact SOME people gain weight.
Just an FYI.

Once again I do the tea the night before--and I do my drinks all day long...
I feel pretty good and I DO have energy.
I mean, maybe it was the stolen bites of mushrooms the night before?
Regardless, the scale moves down and I still feel great.

Perhaps I will just have to do MY own version of the MC---
I mean, I STILL nurse.
So I do need some nourishment, right?
(I make excuses for myself)
all day I do good until I make Kie some tuna...
Yep, you guessed it...
a bite or two of tuna...
and then, I run to the bathroom and throw up!

My body rejects it!
And I regret it too.
Another day wasted.

However, I use the day again to be an EASE in day.
I drink my mix for the rest of the evening....

AND go to bed early.

DAY 4: (Really Day 1--since you start over ANYTIME you eat)

Once again I feel AMAZING.
I have energy,
the scale is going down...
my stomach feels good...
I feel GREAT....
and then I notice a RASH....
it's on my forehead...
and my neck...and a bit on my ears and goes down my chest.

Is this detox?
There's TONS of detox symptoms.
Some range from moodiness (I had that for sure!)
And your tongue turning white (or the FURRY TONGUE)
some people have headaches (luckily mine was just for ONE DAY)
and some experience cold like symptoms.
Then there are cravings...and weird dreams...

It's interesting to read about...and there's TONS of forums about it.

ANYWAY---I looked awful.
My once SMOOTH skin is bumpy and rough.
It seems like an allergic reaction...
Maybe to the lemons?
Or the cayenne pepper?
Or maybe it's detoxing?

Anyway--that night my friend came in town--and though I told her about my Cleanse *even though I had been cheating!*
I decided to indulge and eat.

But once we sat down to eat..
I couldn't really...
I just didn't want food.
And my cravings that were once so strong seemed to be gone.
I ordered a soup (to be kind to my belly)
and it just looked like grease!
Even though we were at a very health conscience restaurant.

I settled on some sweet potato fries (not like those are that healthy but they weren't greasy)
And they seemed to be ok in my stomach.


SO I woke up today PRAYING that maybe my weird rash would of disappeared...
Unfortunately it's only gotten worse...

It now seems to itch some.
I researched more and more--
and there are a lot of theories OUT there why I have a rash.
Apparently a lot of people break out on the MC.
I don't want to go to the doctor or dermatologist because they will just prescribe me another round of RX's and antibiotics...

AND I'm trying to get away from medicines and things that are NOT natural for the body.
Of course it's SO hard...
It really is.
And the MC has really opened my eyes up to all the additives and preservatives in our foods.
I mean, if FOOD has a label with a list of ingredients we CAN'T pronounce...
Then we shouldn't be putting it in our bodies, right?

I don't know...
My quest wasn't to become some food snob or get on my high horse and think I need to eat ONLY organic...
But the MC really does change the way you think of food and fuel for your body...
And what the FDA passes off AS food.
ESPECIALLY in the fast food industry.

That being said,
The Master Cleanse (and all the research and reading of the book by Stanley Burroughs) Get it here!
has opened my eyes to a lot of things..
and has made me want to go raw food...
OR at least learn how to cleanse my body (one day successfully)
and maybe try doing the Cleanse a few times a year.

I have done a 21 Day Liver Cleanse before--and I felt great.
However, it was NOT near as strict at the MC.
And I was eating a lot of variety of foods with it.
I definitely didn't detox, in 21 days like I've done just a few days on the MC.

SO as of right now I'm kinda OFF the MC.
That's because my rash is persistent and I'm scared it won't be going away anytime soon.

If it is an allergy to lemons or the cayenne--I decided to change to a juice diet for a few days...
to get away from them.

You STILL can detox on juice.
But it's not near as fast or as effective as the MC.
SO, today we got us a new juicer.
And a lot of fresh veggies and fruits (though I'm avoiding citrus fruits).
The juice has been great and I'm not really that hungry.
I've also been drinking lots of water and still doing the SWF to maybe FLUSH out the toxins faster.

If my rash DOES ease up then I realize I'm having allergies to citrus fruits or the spice.
If it continues to get worse, then I'll know I am actually detoxing and will return to the MC fully.

ANYWAY---today sorta is DAY 5....
but to the MANY strict MC followers it isn't.

I suppose I will just call it DAY 5 on my *OWN* quest to DETOX....and better understand my body.
Seriously though, our bodies are amazing!
God made us in SOME AWESOME detail!
What JUST one cell can do in the human body is INSANE!

Alright, enough of my crazy detox/cleanse mess.

I will be posting better now I PROMISE!

Hope everyone else is doing AMAZING!
And if you've ever done The MASTER CLEANSE or Raw Food Diet--Or done a Juicing Fast then PLEASE let me know.
I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Happy Cleansing!



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