Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lots of changes..

Hi lovelies!

So, a few updates on life.
Turns out last week (actually going on two weeks now) when I got sick--I actually got bronchitis.
Luckily, I went to the doctor this week and I've been on antibiotics a few days and feeling a lot better.
For awhile there, I was feeling like death-warmed over.
I thought I may had the flu.

Anyway, I am feeling a lot better. Kie is no longer sick, but I still have a cough and have been advised to not exert myself for while since I had such a bad infection in my lungs.

Needless to say, my two weeks-going on THREE weekends of not running means I will not be running the half marathon that is fast approaching (the 19th).

I was very down and depressed for a few days but I am over it now.  I know everything happens for a reason, and though I did train and I ran farther than I ever have--I am happy with that.
In fact, there's a 10k at the end of March and if I get the go-ahead from the doctor then I will run that!

Besides, I live in Austin where there are a lot of races and marathons to do.
I am glad I can run and I know my mental block of running far has been squished and I can easily do it again.

On to other changes--
I am now a redhead!


I like it a lot.
It's fun and sassy--and Justin loves it too!

Of course it's temporary...
But MAYBE just maybe I will do it for longer...
We'll see...

I just thought it was something fun and feisty!

What do you think?!
How's everyone else doing this week??



  1. my goodness, i'm glad you and baby K are feeling better!! LOVE the red hair, you are gorgeous no matter what!! :)

  2. you look GORGEOUS as a redhead! but what else is new... you'd look gorgeous with whatever hair color you have!

    glad you went to the doc and got some antibiotics! bronchitis is NO BUENO!


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