Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hot Mom-post baby body

Hey readers, hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Christmas!
I did, but I gotta admit--this year was INSANE and crazy. More on that later,
for now I'm feeling inspired and thought I'd officially start my postings on my POST-baby body quest.

Some people may criticize that I'm trying to lose weight and get back in shape and that I need to use my time to be with my children. I do agree, but also I want to be a good mom.
Being a good mom entails me having energy for two boys.
I also have a husband who DOES love me regardless how much weight I have on my frame or doesn't care my butt is 5 inches wider than it use to be (seriously, it is nearly 5 inches wider) but I want to feel and look good for him.  And when I feel good, well...the whole family does better!

And most importantly, I want to set a healthy example--and I love being outside and running around--and I want my boys to be outside running too! I want them to use their bodies in sports, for fun, for play and to ultimately be used by God. And I definitely believe our bodies are temples, and I need to set a good example to my family that I think my body is a temple.

Alas, I don't have hours at a time to devote to exercising like I've done before (seriously, I had no excuse before kids to have fat on my body!) so it will take time to lose the weight.

I'm already a bit upset because I'm actually up FOUR POUNDS from Christmas!
I hope a lot of it is water retention but I doubt that.

So now that I'm officially announcing my healthier lifestyle--and exercise plan--I have no reason and no excuse to keep me at this same state!

Though, I will admit--I am going out on a date with Justin on New Year's Eve (our first date since September) so I will be indulging and having a glass or two of wine--
I believe in living life--and I won't be the kind of gal that can totally cut out everything bad. Not now at least.
I gotta ease myself in.

Besides, I tried to do some serious 'detoxing' last year and wowza, my body revolted (if you have been reading my blog awhile) then you may recall my juicing I've done.

So yes, I'll be doing weekly, maybe daily posts on my journey.
I already weighed myself.
And though I don't want to put the number up yet---I do want to say I put on 46lbs while pregnant.
Initially I lost 26--now I've gained 4 back--so I've got to lose 24 to get to pre-pregnancy state.

From there, I'll re-evaluate--and try to lose an additional 15lbs.

If you do the math thats nearly 40lbs to lose!

Here's my plan of action:

Track everything I eat through Myfitnesspal (I've been doing this with a few friends--also, if you're interested in being my friend on Myfitnesspal we can check in on one another and check out our diets!) It can be embarrassing but it keeps you accountable! If you want to know my user name to find me: it's fitmomma918

I also have a Nike Fuel Band I got during Christmas.
Justin surprised me with it!
My brother has one and so does my Sister-in-law.
Another great device to use as accountability and to get you moving more.
It tracks running, jogs, walks...calories spent, steps taken and of course your Fuel points.
It tracks everything on the computer and graphs it for you. It's pretty inspiring and eye opening!

I am striving to get 3500 fuel points a day! Which has YET to happen. However, I have been pretty lazy since Christmas.

I also plan on having at least 20-30 minutes of cardio a day.
This doesn't sound like a lot, but between a 8 week old and a 2 year old--a husband, a house and a job--it's all the time I can allot for now.
Maybe when Kix is more on a schedule I can find more time in the mornings or during their naps.

My cardio will include either Zumba, my dance class, doing the Shred or walking/jogging.
I also plan on doing strength training with some weights. Not much weights because I will be using what I have here. 
I do have a gym membership but I wont be going to the gym until Kix is old enough to go.
Or, when Justin is home to watch the kids.

My walks will happen with a stroller (pushing Kie) and wearing Kix (in the Ergo).

I don't really plan on running until I drop some weight.
I have a bad knee from a ski accident two years ago and extra weight on my joints cause it to hurt more.

I also am exclusively breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding doesn't seem to help me much because I'm always more hungry when bfeeding but I don't do it to lose weight. 
I do it because it ultimately is the best for my baby. 
However, it does help burn anywhere from 300-500 calories!
So if my eating is on track, then breastfeeding will help me burn more to lose more.

I plan on eating around 1600-1700 calories a day. (I do need more to breastfeed so that's why the number is a bit higher)
I know this is realistic.
I just doubt I'll be able to do it most days--until I retrain my eating habits.

I do plan on having one day a week to 'cheat'...
I will track those days--but I won't be killing myself if I have one too many pieces of cheese, Dove chocolates, or what have you.

So there ya have it folks.
My plan, at hand!
I start today!

I did my measurements (waist, stomach, thighs, arms etc.)
and I will check them every 30 days.

I will weigh every other day (I have to for my own sanity) and report a weekly change.
Alright, that's enough rambling!

Stay tuned for a Christmas post and pictures to come!


Friday, December 21, 2012

8 weeks already!

Where has time gone?
I get so sad realizing how fast time flies.
Especially when your littlest guy doesn't even wear that tiny of clothes...
So, I will be forever referring to him as my newborn, at least until he is 2 years old.
haha ;)
I will do a month post next week--whe he is officially two months old.
For now, I have lots to pack still and our countdown till we're suppose to hit the road is fast approaching.

Hope everyone has their shopping done!
That is one thing I made sure to finish long ago, it is crazy out there!
Oh and to all my beautiful friends, family and readers,
 Have a Blessed, Merry Early Christmas!
in case I don't post another blog before then!


I always leave the back door open on cool, crisp nights

Our home-made stockings from Oma,
Kix's is getting one too!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

techno-madness and the need to unplug

Packing for a toddler, a newborn and a mom in-between my regular size and after-pregnancy clothes is not an easy task....basically I need a lot of options, for the three of us.

And, not to mention--squeeze all said luggage AND Christmas presents...
AND the two car seats...babies, husband, diaper bags and toys and MORE into our SUV.

We're blessed to have so much..
but packing it,
makes me wish life was a bit more simple and a lot less cluttered.

can I tell you how ridiculous our technology items we're packing ALONE are?

(Btw, I pack most of our big techno items in case we do get burglarized...and I don't want my vast picture and music library missing!)

Techno gadgets being packed:

Two Mac Computers
Two Ipods (one Touch, one brand new Nano)
Two cell phones (An Android and a Blackberry)
One Kindle
One Nike Fuel Band
One Dvd player (with two screens)
One Nikon Camera
One Kodak Ready Shot HD Camera
A Cannon Digital Camera
and lastly,
One Motorola Baby Web Cam and monitor screen
*not to mention all the battery packs, connection devices and usb plugs we need to go with all that...

(ridiculous, seriously...I'm rolling my eyes at the madness)

I think we have enough technology---
and we're only going to be gone for a few days...

But, to clarify I pack all this because I worry if we don't bring it--something could happen.
I always think about house fires or getting robbed--so that is truly why I bring everything with me. Not because I think I need it.

See, I'm crazy.

Does anyone else pack all their techno-gadets when they go somewhere?

until next time,

Christmas flavored

A few pictures of last week from the Trail of Lights...and to start, a very cuddly picture of Kix. He seriously is a snugly lil man. I weighed him the other day and thought the scale read 12.8 lbs.
Then I realized I was off a pound.
 (I do the weighing by weighing myself sans baby and then I hold him and re-weigh) Any who, I added wrong. 
Little man is approximately 13.8lbs.
Nearly 14lbs.
He will be 8 weeks tomorrow.
And he is outgrowing his 0-3 months and wearing 3-6months.
I have a lot more pictures to share but for some reason it cut off with these.
I'll be back with more.

Ps, you know it's nearly Christmas when you eat fudge for breakfast.

Oh, and lastly we are doing "our" Christmas tonight.
We leave tomorrow for Atlanta after J gets off work...which means driving late into the night.
I foresee lots of coffee and energy drinks (on Justin's end.)
It will be our first 'roadtrip' with the two boys, 6hours of fun, I hope!
Anyway, Justin and I are having our romantic gift exchange tonight once the babies are in bed.
I say romantic, but that's just because we are doing it without kids around.
And these days, when there isn't a baby awake for 5 minutes then it's considered romantic.
I hope he likes what I got him! (I'll share later)
We are doing it tonight because we don't want to carry everything to Atlanta.
We will already be packed in pretty good with all the luggage, two car seats, babies...and all the Christmas and gag gifts we have this season!
It will be a fun puzzle to assemble tonight!

Alright, I gotta get!
Hope all are enjoying this cold, windy day in Texas!
Oh, and disregard any blurry pictures--my camera was on the wrong setting for a lot of these pictures.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kie and Santa

Kie met Santa last week....
*as Kie calls him, Santa Ho Ho!*
and let me tell you,
he was initially super excited to see him.

It was just the lady taking the picture that was the real problem.
She was scary.
Ok, not so much scary--but she was too hyper.

Kie clammed up, 
and if you know know he is not one to shy from the camera. *Oh hey HGTV camera crew!*
here's a few of the pictures.
Not one smile.
but, there were no tears
And this Santa, well he was the REAL deal.
Real beard and all!

In fact, Kie did tell Santa he wanted a race car for Christmas. 

Regardless, the pictures are adorable...I couldn't be more happy :)
And no, Kix did not get held by Santa.
I'm a germaphoebic!
Kix is WAY too young for that!

Until next time,

look at those big blue eyes...
melts my heart

Telling Santa he wanted a race-car!
Seriously, this Santa was legit!

prayers and more

It's been a hard few days...
as every web page, Facebook status, tweet or what have you has been covering the news and their thoughts/views on last Friday's awful and heart-breaking tragedy in Newton, CT.
I have little to say, but a lot has been going on in my mind and heart.
As a Christian woman, I can't lie and say my faith hasn't wavered, because it has.
I wish I could say I still feel comfortable in this world of ours, but I don't.
I know as a Christian, I need to be a leader, a light, a positive force in this world.
But, I've been broken and questioning so many things, just as so many others have.

I know as a mother, I need to lead and be brave for my children as well.
But, like many--many parents, I was a loss of words...
I was sickened..
I still am.
My heart breaks daily.
I can't even begin to fathom the pain these families are dealing with, nor do I want to.

I do know I've prayed a lot.
I've prayed for understanding.
Of forgiveness..
For peace for these families.
I've said a million thank yous for my blessings...
and it has kept me grateful during my 'tough times' during the day.
Like when my toddler doesn't listen, 
or when the toddler who continues to throw his toys, blocks and remotes that may hit me or his brother accidentally...
I'm reminded how lucky I am to have these moments.
Or, when I'm tired and worn out from sleepless nights with a newborn,
I now wake up grateful I get to be woken by a baby.
That I have a baby to hold, to love, to kiss, to sniff, to snuggle...
For now, I have these moments.
I am lucky. 
I'm grateful.
I'm humbled...
and forever reminded how short and precious life can be.

God, my sweet merciful Lord,
I ask for peace for these families that are suffering.
Lord, I pray that You hold these parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, classmates...all of them, so very close to you. 
Hold their hands, their hearts and wipe their tears.
Dear God, I pray You show them Your love is still there,
that You give them comfort and understanding.
Dear God,
I thank You for being here for us all.
Thank You for the good we still have in this world from You.
Thank you for bringing so many of us together, for opening our eyes to the heroes that are among us.
Please, stay with us in this world.
Stay with us, Dear God...because we desperately need You.
I pray You heal our country, guide our leaders,
and that You show us where to go, direct our paths and our hearts.
Thank You for Your unwavering grace

In Christ name,

Now, a few pictures of my loves...
I did a little photo session with Kix in his Le Petit Prince onesie that my dear friend, Juli gifted me.
I have a long history with Le Petit Prince :)
My grandmere is French (Meme) and I took 4 years of French in high school, also with Julie.
 Le Petit Prince was one of the books we read a few times.
I also took French in college for 3 years.
I'm in love obsessed with the French language and culture.
So when I got this onesie in the mail, it truly made my week!

Also, a little background on the quilt.
It was my grandfather's.
He got it in a barter (a trade) from work.
He was a dentist (like my father) and a woman couldn't pay for her root canal so she gave him this quilt  as payment back in the 70's.
My Papa was a very generous man and money wasn't something he ever treasured. In fact, he gave away more free work and money than anyone I know.
He believed in giving---and he was a missionary.
My grandfather was an interesting and exceptional man in many ways. 
 My grandfather has been gone for 15+ years, so when I found this quilt with the note attached to it--I just had to have it.
It was just sitting in a linen closet at my parents.
So it's a very special quilt for me.

until next time,

My other Little Prince :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa came early...kinda

Santa came early to our house!
Well, sorta.
This is Kie's big gift this year...
It is still a work in progress. Justin has been in overdrive at work this month.
Like I had mentioned before, we got this as a gift from a customer.
Justin is also in the process of 'customizing' it for Kie and Kix.
As you can see, there is already some landscaping being done.

I can't wait till Justin is done (I'm almost as excited as Kie) so we can start playing in it.
The swings and slide already have been put to good use.

As for the adults,
we get to hang around at the fire pit.
I can't believe it's nearly been a year since we brought in the New Year sitting around the same fire pit with good friends!
(Btw, I had one too many glasses of wine that night and felt awful! I promised myself never again!)
::Also, to the right of the fire pit--you can see part of our deck--where our hot tub is.)
I also can't wait to use it, too :)
As for the rest of this week...
we have big plans!
Justin's mom is in town and we have days worth of Christmas festivities to do around Austin.
Then it's hightailing it to Atlanta for our BIG family Christmas.
Thankfully, I'm about 99% done with everything as far as gift giving/wrapping/planning!
In my family we do gag gifts.
They're soo much fun! And it involves a lot of creativity and planning.
I have one more gag gift to do, and a poem to write to go with it--then I'm finished! (All our gag gifts have a poem to give you hints about the gift.)
I always start prepping for Christmas--and Christmas gifts, a year beforehand.
Especially with kiddos, it's smart to do so and to catch sales. (Also great for getting Christmas decor!)

Well, this momma is TIRED! My house is spotless, all laundry done--every one's asleep and it's after 1:00am.
I'm sure by the time I get settled into bed, Kix will need a feeding.
Such is life of a momma.
I have some red-blood shot eyes..
but at least they're festive colors! ha!

Until next time,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My heart may just explode...
I'd do anything for these two.

Gosh, who knew I'd be head over heels in love with two short guys?
 One with a curly mullet and the other, a bald, little fat man ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

quiet moments

Some of my favorite moments of the day include nap time.
Don't get me wrong, this isn't because I use nap time to finally eat my bonbons and sip some wine.
(But if I had the bonbons, I may just do that.)
It's because, during the quiet few minutes--I can sit there and be in awe of my blessings.
It's the quiet moments I can reflect on life.
Of where I've been,
and the journey it took to get here.
I look at my sleeping newborn (how long can I call him my newborn?)
and relish in this time.
His ever changing face,
his weight gain and new squeaky noises he makes.

It's during the quiet times I can pray,
thanking God countless times for what He has given me--regardless if I deserve it.

I sit here, looking at my house...though messy and littered in toys and clothes...
I'm grateful to have a home.
A home we've work hard together on making.
A home that my husband returns to after a long day of work to find it full of life.
A home where we can share dinners, prayers, playtime and such.
It's in these moments of quietness I find myself being humbled and grateful over and over.

My life truly changed when I became a mother.
Before I became a mother, I could hardly sit and be in the quiet...
I was always on the go...
and always looking for the future and what to do next.

Even now my mind races with things to do and get done.
But sometimes, I take the time to sit.
Sit and be thankful for everything right now.
Happy to be in this life...
to be in this moment.

Thankful for two healthy, beautiful boys that forever changed my life.
I sit and am thankful for the hardworking husband that leaves this house 6 days a week to provide for us.

I sit in the silence...
and am in awe.

What do you do in your quiet moments?


Thursday, December 6, 2012

A view from my corner

So many things I love and cherish in a few photos.
Thank you sweet Lord for these blessings You have given me.
I am forever grateful!
my sweet chunkie
Christmas movie morning..."my office view"
No, I can't cut his hair yet.
 And yes, I love his bedhead.
"Hold it?"
Showing momma he is ready to hold his brother
Cute husband and another new tree to add to our backyard
Another tree, but this one is inside the house 
the world's snuggliest newborn
my view tonight...

A beautiful cool december night
it's taco Thursday and the
fire is going, baby swaddled, Kie playing--and a hunky husband sitting besde me.

until next time,

Another day in the life of Kie Pie

I know I was blessed to live a life 'of doing and going' when I was a kid.
My parents took us on annual vacations and we always participated in every sport, club or play (be it music, dance or choir.) 
We always did stuff.
And so did my husband (at least before his father passed away.)
With that said, we like to make life well-rounded and full of experiences for Kie.
I know he won't remember attending ACL festivals, his first plane ride, his two trips to the beach, his ski trip in Colorado or his first experience at Formula One's Grand Prix...
but, I have the pictures to prove!
::Just like I have pictures of my first trip to Disney World and to Sea World--and countless other firsts::

However, if we waited till the kids were older--there may not be that tomorrow.
You never know if you're guaranteed that time.
So take it now. Make memories...
take pictures,
and hopefully you can re-share those experiences with your little one again.

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