Tuesday, December 4, 2012

At least I'm not the only one chunkie...

Hey readers! Happy Tuesday y'all!
(Ignore the blog setup---I'm still experimenting with everything!) 

So a bit to catch up on...
geez, time is flying by!

Real quick update...
Last week we got Kie a tree house! Whoo hoo! (Santa came early!)
Really it is a 'hand-me down' from an awesome customer of Justin's.
He has some of the best clients who've become amazing friends over these past few years.
Also, so very grateful for steady business!

Anyway, Kie and Justin (with the help of our friend, Warren) got the playhouse/tree house last Saturday and have most of it completed.
It has 3 swings, a big slide, a steering wheel--a look out point and some monkey bars.
Oh, and lots of room to pretend!
I can't wait till it's all finished (and we add some personal touches to it.)

As for the weather here in Texas--well, it feels like it's Spring.
It is kinda nice not having to bundle up the baby to go outside.
And, it's also nice to be able to walk around barefooted.
::I like to think positive!::
But, it definitely does NOT feel like Christmas.

We even went downtown to look at Christmas lights on Congress and at the Capitol.
It was a beautiful, 90 degree day...looking at the big Christmas tree.

As for other random info,
Today during naptime, Kie decided to use his dresser drawers as steps.
An ingenious way to climb his little way to the top of it!

However, when he got to the last drawer--he fell over
...and his leg got stuck in the top drawer.
Thankfully, his little stuck leg saved him from landing backwards on his head!

It was a sight to see!
 Seriously, it was terrifying!
 Imagine your TWO YEAR OLD,
dangling from his top dresser drawer!
All his long, beautiful blond hair flowing downwards...like a little upside down Troll doll.

Thank the good Lord he was fine! But, in the back of my head I thought how I wish I had a picture of it because describing it to Justin is ONE thing, but seeing it was a whole other.

I'm a bad mom.

In other news,
Kie and Kix are so precious together.
Ok, so Kix has no choice but to be there..
But Kie holding him and letting me know when he cries (like I don't notice) is too cute.

In KIX news....
He had to go to the doctor today for a small rash on his chest.
They went ahead and weighed him--
He is 11lbs and 7oz.
He is 5 1/2 weeks old.
And considering he left the hospital at 6lbs something...this is pretty impressive.
He has nearly doubled his weight!
He's got the rolls and double chins to prove.

As for other rolls..ahem...
I'm going to the doctor on Friday for my 6wk check up!
I am dreading the scale!
But, I'm excited to get the thumbs up (I hope) for exercise.

I have been semi cheating this week with very light exercising,
Mainly just walking and doing some Zumba/dancing with Kie.
I'm also still wearing my Bellefit.
I don't wear it everyday--but I do wear it more than I did after Kie's birth.
And for c-section moms, I definitely think it helps the healing a lot.

I still have to bind myself when I laugh too hard or sneeze, so the Bellefit is great for that.
I do think it has helped me recover faster...
and when I workout it helps a lot in supporting my abs and back.
As for making my waist smaller?
Maybe...initially it helped my skin stay tighter.
But I don't know about how it is working now.
I should of measured my waist.

However, after my 6 week appointment...
I will be measuring everything so I can have a starting point.

As for healthy eating, I've been doing decent the past few days.
A big thanks to myfitnesspal and a fellow momma friend, Juli!
Ha! It almost feels like we're back in high school--trying to get our bodies ready for prom.
Except, back then---we ate pints of icecream--had countless amounts of time, no real worries and we lived in the same town! (Oh, and those prom dresses have been lonnnnng gone!)

I'm thinking that I may start a weekly post like Mama Laughlin did--
like a Hot Mom post? 
Feel free to join! --Even if you're not a mom! Who doesn't wanna be a hot momma, regardless of kids!?

Well, this momma is going to get the house cleaned while my honey love holds my littlest chunkie man.

OH, mom tip of the day! (thank me later)
Know how newborns like white noise?
Well, I heard from a mom friend she uses her electric toothbrush to calm her baby.
I don't have one of those, so I used my Dove face exfoliater thing.
It buzzez and hums and it keeps Kix calm for a bit while I get dressed.
::picture below::

Until next time,

hottie husband before his Range Rover presentation
hunky hubs
He's happy, regardless of his face.
Note the electric face brush at the top.
My chunkie angel love


  1. So sweet! I had my 6 week appointment last Thursday (Kylie was 6weeks 2days) and I am down 40 while Kylie is up to 11lb 10oz!! Not gaining NEARLY as fast as Kix (she started at 9)! That's an impressive little man you have!

    1. Wow! 40lbs! That's impressive! What's your secret! I'm down only 20! Kylie is so cute..we have some cute baby K's!


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