Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa came early...kinda

Santa came early to our house!
Well, sorta.
This is Kie's big gift this year...
It is still a work in progress. Justin has been in overdrive at work this month.
Like I had mentioned before, we got this as a gift from a customer.
Justin is also in the process of 'customizing' it for Kie and Kix.
As you can see, there is already some landscaping being done.

I can't wait till Justin is done (I'm almost as excited as Kie) so we can start playing in it.
The swings and slide already have been put to good use.

As for the adults,
we get to hang around at the fire pit.
I can't believe it's nearly been a year since we brought in the New Year sitting around the same fire pit with good friends!
(Btw, I had one too many glasses of wine that night and felt awful! I promised myself never again!)
::Also, to the right of the fire pit--you can see part of our deck--where our hot tub is.)
I also can't wait to use it, too :)
As for the rest of this week...
we have big plans!
Justin's mom is in town and we have days worth of Christmas festivities to do around Austin.
Then it's hightailing it to Atlanta for our BIG family Christmas.
Thankfully, I'm about 99% done with everything as far as gift giving/wrapping/planning!
In my family we do gag gifts.
They're soo much fun! And it involves a lot of creativity and planning.
I have one more gag gift to do, and a poem to write to go with it--then I'm finished! (All our gag gifts have a poem to give you hints about the gift.)
I always start prepping for Christmas--and Christmas gifts, a year beforehand.
Especially with kiddos, it's smart to do so and to catch sales. (Also great for getting Christmas decor!)

Well, this momma is TIRED! My house is spotless, all laundry done--every one's asleep and it's after 1:00am.
I'm sure by the time I get settled into bed, Kix will need a feeding.
Such is life of a momma.
I have some red-blood shot eyes..
but at least they're festive colors! ha!

Until next time,

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