Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kie and Santa

Kie met Santa last week....
*as Kie calls him, Santa Ho Ho!*
and let me tell you,
he was initially super excited to see him.

It was just the lady taking the picture that was the real problem.
She was scary.
Ok, not so much scary--but she was too hyper.

Kie clammed up, 
and if you know know he is not one to shy from the camera. *Oh hey HGTV camera crew!*
here's a few of the pictures.
Not one smile.
but, there were no tears
And this Santa, well he was the REAL deal.
Real beard and all!

In fact, Kie did tell Santa he wanted a race car for Christmas. 

Regardless, the pictures are adorable...I couldn't be more happy :)
And no, Kix did not get held by Santa.
I'm a germaphoebic!
Kix is WAY too young for that!

Until next time,

look at those big blue eyes...
melts my heart

Telling Santa he wanted a race-car!
Seriously, this Santa was legit!

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