Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another day in the life of Kie Pie

I know I was blessed to live a life 'of doing and going' when I was a kid.
My parents took us on annual vacations and we always participated in every sport, club or play (be it music, dance or choir.) 
We always did stuff.
And so did my husband (at least before his father passed away.)
With that said, we like to make life well-rounded and full of experiences for Kie.
I know he won't remember attending ACL festivals, his first plane ride, his two trips to the beach, his ski trip in Colorado or his first experience at Formula One's Grand Prix...
but, I have the pictures to prove!
::Just like I have pictures of my first trip to Disney World and to Sea World--and countless other firsts::

However, if we waited till the kids were older--there may not be that tomorrow.
You never know if you're guaranteed that time.
So take it now. Make memories...
take pictures,
and hopefully you can re-share those experiences with your little one again.

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