Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas flavored

A few pictures of last week from the Trail of Lights...and to start, a very cuddly picture of Kix. He seriously is a snugly lil man. I weighed him the other day and thought the scale read 12.8 lbs.
Then I realized I was off a pound.
 (I do the weighing by weighing myself sans baby and then I hold him and re-weigh) Any who, I added wrong. 
Little man is approximately 13.8lbs.
Nearly 14lbs.
He will be 8 weeks tomorrow.
And he is outgrowing his 0-3 months and wearing 3-6months.
I have a lot more pictures to share but for some reason it cut off with these.
I'll be back with more.

Ps, you know it's nearly Christmas when you eat fudge for breakfast.

Oh, and lastly we are doing "our" Christmas tonight.
We leave tomorrow for Atlanta after J gets off work...which means driving late into the night.
I foresee lots of coffee and energy drinks (on Justin's end.)
It will be our first 'roadtrip' with the two boys, 6hours of fun, I hope!
Anyway, Justin and I are having our romantic gift exchange tonight once the babies are in bed.
I say romantic, but that's just because we are doing it without kids around.
And these days, when there isn't a baby awake for 5 minutes then it's considered romantic.
I hope he likes what I got him! (I'll share later)
We are doing it tonight because we don't want to carry everything to Atlanta.
We will already be packed in pretty good with all the luggage, two car seats, babies...and all the Christmas and gag gifts we have this season!
It will be a fun puzzle to assemble tonight!

Alright, I gotta get!
Hope all are enjoying this cold, windy day in Texas!
Oh, and disregard any blurry pictures--my camera was on the wrong setting for a lot of these pictures.

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