Friday, December 21, 2012

8 weeks already!

Where has time gone?
I get so sad realizing how fast time flies.
Especially when your littlest guy doesn't even wear that tiny of clothes...
So, I will be forever referring to him as my newborn, at least until he is 2 years old.
haha ;)
I will do a month post next week--whe he is officially two months old.
For now, I have lots to pack still and our countdown till we're suppose to hit the road is fast approaching.

Hope everyone has their shopping done!
That is one thing I made sure to finish long ago, it is crazy out there!
Oh and to all my beautiful friends, family and readers,
 Have a Blessed, Merry Early Christmas!
in case I don't post another blog before then!


I always leave the back door open on cool, crisp nights

Our home-made stockings from Oma,
Kix's is getting one too!

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