Thursday, March 29, 2012

happy thursday lovies!

time where does it go?

Seriously, I ran into an old friend today that I've not seen since BEFORE I had Kie...
and it was crazy.
It seemed like only yesterday I was pregnant with Kie--
though I cannot imagine life without him.

Ok, so I can remember those days a bit...
BUT it's crazy how MUCH life changes once you have a child.
I mean, nothing is for me or ABOUT me anymore.
And I admit, I WAS ONE selfish person.
And still at times I struggle with wanting things--or wishing for things---but of course I never indulge in that...
(the actual buying)
but I still think about it.

It's just once you become a mom...your brain turns into only thinking about your child.
I don't spend lavishly because I'd rather save for his college.
I don't spend lavishly even on Kie a lot because I know there are things down the road I'd rather do for him.

I also think about the times me and J had before becoming parents.
And though we got to spend a lot of time together--and spoiled one another....
NOW we are a true team.
We work so well off one another.

After a long day with Kie---and I'm tired and needing a small break from my sweet, but very clingy toddler....
J takes him outside to play in the backyard...
Or he does chores with him (like letting him ride on the mower with him) Seriously, SO CUTE.
Or J takes him on errands...

Of course we spend a lot of family time together...
but sometimes (like right now) a momma needs her break.

And though I wish I was getting a mani/pedi...
or I had endless amount of energy so I could be at the gym...
or shopping with my cash that grows on trees...
I'm quite happy with the minutes I get to lay down in bed...
or open up my Bible to try and tackle a few more chapters.

J and I get our time together but its those special rare moment we get to steal.
Like during nap time on the weekend when we just lay on the sofa or in the bed...
too tired to do much but too busy to lay too long...

Life happens fast.
And I feel blessed to have the one I have now.

Alright, time to get back to baby and Hubs.
We have friends coming over tonight to grill out.
Also stay tuned...
I have things to share.
Hope everyone is doing great.



Oh here's a few pics from Colorado--better late than NEVER!

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