Thursday, November 17, 2011


So I have an opportunity to train for the Livestrong Austin Marathon in February....

I have never wanted to run a marathon because, HELLO...they are hard. And grueling.
And take a lot of dedication...

But, I started thinking about it...and it's kinda a big deal.
And it would be awesome to accomplish.
And it would be something that would take me out of my comfort zone.

Something I've never done before.

And why not?

Life is short.
I might as well try...
And though I can't promise I will finish the race...
(I promise to unless I'm dying or throwing up everywhere)
I do think I will try.

Anyway, I start my official training next week with the CG Run group.
It's a 12 week program...
And though I feel excited about it NOW
I'm sure my feelings will change about it soon.

So here's to marathon training.

I'm NO runner.
I'm opposite of it.

I enjoy sprints and short distances...
I have never ran father than a 10k and that's been 3-4 years ago.

SO I will be blogging about it and telling you how I'm dying.

Anyone else out there run a marathon?
Or train for one?

Also, the lead trainer for this run group promised me I could be ready in 12 weeks to race.
I think she's insane....

But, we'll see.

Until next time,


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