Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We had TWO...

DATE nights!

We had two date nights last weekend.
(All you single gals or no kid couples aren't impressed---I know.  Trust me, I tell all my child-less couple friends to DATE it up now.)

Anyway, how were we so lucky? 

Especially when date nights are so few and far between...

Well my wonderful parents were in town again.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!

Yes, football season means my parents are in every few weekends to watch the Horns play.
Thanks Dad for being an awesome and very loyal season ticker holder.

Alright, now to the fun part.

Friday night we dropped off our sweet lil man with his Uncle Carter at his bachelor pad downtown.
Yep, Kie's cool uncle has a sweet condo downtown.

So, yes they get CRAZY when together.
Kie gets to party it up!
(Ok not really, but I'm sure that will have some truth one day down the road.)

we dropped him off with Carter for an hour before my parents got into town--to take him back to our house so he could go to sleep in his own crib...at his own crib.
Haha I'm so funny tonight.

Justin & I had a date at my old stomping grounds...
At my beautiful campus, The University of Texas!
Yes I'm one proud Texas Ex.

We were able to watch UT's theater group put on their play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
It was awesome, gloomy and dark.
Made me miss my days in theater.

Seriously was one of the best plays I've ever been to.
I was engrossed by the play.
So consuming...
The acting was superb--and right on point. Every line.
Not to forget, Will Brittain, (a guy from my hometown of Atlanta, Texas) played Mr. Hyde.
I was highly IMPRESSED.

Amazing job...
It was BY far one of the best dates me and Justin have ever been on.
Mainly because Justin had never been to a play and he loved it as much as I did.
He followed the tricky plot--and character changes (there was a lot of people playing multiple roles)
and he even appreciated the whole theater aspect.
To read more about the play--click here!

Ahh, it was nice sharing that with him.
I love sharing our interests.
So that was our Friday.

My Horns won against Texas Tech (Hook Em!)
And then my family, my husband and baby Kie went to check out a new (to me) spot on 6th street,
Ranch 616--for dinner.
It had great food, great drinks, and a very Austin-y atmosphere.
After putting myself into YET another food coma...Justin and I hit up an old sports bar I use to work at for ESPN. (My parents took Kie back to our house for bed!)

We watched the rest of the college football games together...
I beat him in shuffle board too many times to count....
and we laughed at all the crazy LSU fans that seemed to pop out of nowhere.

It was so nice just the two of us.
Justin was flirty and fun--and it reminded me of the many dates we use to go on before we became a three.

Even though NOW we don't date or get a lot of ONE on ONE time...I wouldn't change life now for anything :)
But, it was kinda fun having those few hours to let loose and be silly again.
I seriously fall in love more and more each day to that husband of mine.
And to that mini Justin of mine


blessed weekend.

Anyway, hope everyone else is doing good.

Until next time,

Dropping Baby off at Uncle Carter's Bachelor Pad

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  1. You look so cute! Yah for two dates. Isn't it fun to escape for awhile!


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