Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Loved and blessed!

That's how I'm feeling right now.

I really do. And very grateful for the place I'm at in life.
I know people don't always like to read about how great and wonderful people are doing--but I truly feel this way.

I've had my shares of downs and bumpy roads--but no matter the struggle or problem somethings are ALWAYS constant. 

Like the love from my Savior.
The mercy of Jesus Christ.
My love from my parents.
My love for my husband and son.

I can't help but smile and count my blessings as I sit here and type...I hear my sweet baby talk in his sleep.
My precious 11 month old....

My heart literally bursts at the seams when I go and get him out of his crib each morning.
A mother's love really is like no other.

I realize I'm getting mushy.
But as this month gets to an end--I'm reminded of the year we had.
And how my baby is quickly growing up.

How fast life FLIES by.
And how finally...FINALLY--I'm in a place of happiness....
Of gratitude.

Of pure bliss.

So thank you Lord for Your blessings.
Your mercy.
And Your Love.

Thank You for keeping me humbled---
And keeping me gracious.
I pray I keep Your will!

Thank you for my very patient, loving, generous husband.
Who sees an imperfect girl, yet loves her anyway.
A father who gives with everything in him.

Thank you God for it all.

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