Wednesday, October 5, 2011

catch all in mobile pictures Part 1!

For some reason my blog won't let me upload all my pictures! I have a few more I want to share so I am posting these now before I lose them! Hope you enjoy! 

Btw, lots of things are going on in the Knuth household. Next post will be a catch up with a few more pictures!
Just tossing Dino eggs...No biggie!
Kie in the Dinosaur nest

Climbing up the slide

Erika and Kie! Two of my loves <3
Kie's new ride
working on the car with Dad 
On Lake Austin, driving the boat last Saturday
Getting big :/ bittersweet!
Kie's big boy clothes! This was his outfit for church. Basically he dresses just like his Daddy.
crazy bathroom! What's up with the mirrors?! There were mirrors everywhere and even on the ceiling. 
My breakfast buddy! Kie eating his usual, pancakes. No syrup! 
sent from my friend's phone--anyway, this is yours truly--doing my thing. Too bad wakeboarding season is coming to an end :( 
Shelac! My new favorite! (Don't hate on my short nails!) Justin says I have midget hands. I seriously have little itty bitty hands and fingers. (And nails) Anyway--this looks a bit blue in the picture--but it's a shimmery green. I LOVE EM. And they have yet to chip. 
Little man getting his nap on! He looks so cozy and I just want to squish his thighs. I refrained tho. No worries!
Blurry--but it's Kie tearing up toilet paper. He's pretty much obsessed with the toilet and toilet paper. Right before this he was climbing into it. I should of grabbed my phone sooner!

Until next time!

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