Sunday, May 13, 2012

I need....

to be a better blogger!

Seriously, I have SO many things I think about weekly that I think,
"I need to write this down or I need to blog about this so I won't forget...."

Especially with pregnancy brain...I forget.
And I forget often.

ANYWAY---I promised the HGTV post to come soon.
In fact, it's written out but I don't want to publish yet because I don't know if I can legally say somethings.
I have about another week until I KNOW if I can go ahead and share with everyone our story.
Until then, I'll have to leave y'all in a small state of curiosity!

I'm so sorry! I don't been to be mean but I really don't know if I can share just yet and I need to hear back from a producer before I do.
Hope y'all understand!

On to other things....

Kie is being hilarious and funny as usual.
He does have some cute little things he says and does.
For instance, now when I ask how he's doing..
He replies,

It's so cute.
And melts my heart.
That boy, though a handful, is my world.
Especially now with another on the way, I just cherish every second we have alone together.

I know it may sound like I'm not excited for Baby K....
I am, but I am also sad my current "baby" wont be the baby for long.

I mean, my sweet little man just went in for his 18 month check-up today (I'm always a few days late!)
and I can't believe we aren't going back to the doctor until he's 2! (However I'm glad because holding my baby down for shots is awful!)

So me and Kie BOTH won't miss those visits.
Though it was crazy how the doctor said, well next time I see you and Kie, you'll have another one!
And it hit me, man....

AS for this week--it has been raining a lot!
We haven't been able to play outside (where I sometimes work on the patio table while Kie digs in the dirt for worms).
SO we've been looking for things to burn off energy.
We started going to the YMCA so Kie can go to a class and I can get my HUGE prego belly to work.

Ladies, if you see me...I am not 6 months pregnant. 
Nor am I,  7 months pregnant.
I'm just 3 1/2.
Second baby...just POPPED last week.
I went from a semi flat BIG OLE BELLY.

It's like my body prefers pregnancy state...

THANKS, thanks belly pouch.
I did have a cute little girl tell me "congratulations" while she held the door for me at the doctors office.
Super cute little girl too.
I wanted to hug her.

It was AFTER the very fat LARGE man (who am I calling big these days?) PULLED into the parking spot I had my blinker on, waiting for the parking spot.
:Don't you love it when that happens?:
when someone just whips right in and steals your spot!?!

Seriously man!
Not only was I running a bit late for the appointment---
but I had to park MILES away...
*HAIR wet*
Carrying my 27lb toddler on my hip...
and a noticeable baby pouch....

AND when I finally passed the parking spot that WAS mine...
The man was sitting there with his equally LARGE wife/gf---just SMOKING.
Guess they need a front row spot to smoke in, IN FRONT OF THE DOCTORS office?!

Ah, glad I could help em out.

Anyway, when I got to the door that's when the sweet little girl said congratulations.
And I wanted to just gobble her up and say thanks.
Because sometimes I seem to lose hope in humanity and right before I do...something small happens--like the sweet little girl, that makes me feel alright about the world.

Sorry to derail.
Oh yes, back to this past week.
THIS past week Kie has been attending a "craft class" and a gym class at the Y.
It has been SO fun.
Mainly because Kie is socializing and I get to have a bit of *ME* time.
I've been using the time to get some cardio in....
and, some days I play with Kie in his class. OR I sit just outside the classroom watching through the glass windows with the other moms.

Kie was initially apprehensive but after the second day he practically leaped out of my arms to play with all the new toys and kids.
It was a little hard to see how good he was at being independent.
But really since day 1, Kie has been a social butterfly.
He's a little like his momma.
But, more laid back than I'll ever be.

All in ALL it's been an amazing week....
and of course TODAY is Mother's Day--and I have a post on JUST that coming in a few.

**I start a lot of my blogs only to finish them days this is why this one IS wrapping up!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Lots of love,

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