Friday, February 15, 2013

Heaven on Earth

Some of the best times we have all day are in bed.
Most days I can always steal a few minutes with Kix.
Snuggling, holding, kissing...and enjoying that sweet baby smell.
But, that's because we co-sleep still.
Kie, well...wrangling him to cuddle is a challenge....
Most days, I can get him to lay down to read a book or maybe just sing a song or two (at Kie's request) and we soak it in.

To clarify,
I soak it in.
Because I know it won't be forever that I can have my two baby boys lay in bed with me.
I know there will come a day when I can't pick them up...
or pull them into my chest to coax a few more minutes of sleep.
I know Kie won't always ask me to sing certain songs over and over.
And a time will come when they won't spend their days with Mom.
I know these are fleeting moments.
But you better believe I thank God for each of them.
I know I have one amazing Father, who let me
a sinner, so far from grace...
be blessed to love two pieces of Heaven on Earth.


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