Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updates and House Pictures

Small update and some pictures.
Hey friends, HAPPY Wednesday! (I had this post for yesterday, which was FAT Tuesday) sooo let's just pretned I posted this on time.
This past weekend was a great, productive weekend.
Justin and I have settled into a Sunday tradition (or Saturday, depending the weather) on doing a family hike.  Normally we do family walks around the neighborhood (maybe once or twice a week if he doesn't work late) but we wait until the weekend to do some 'off-roading'.  
Justin likes to hit up the trails in Sunset Valley--
I don't mind them, but I'll always be partial to the trails downtown around the lakes...and plus, I love to people watch.
I felt we had the best of both worlds on Sunday...a little bit of country and urban life! 
We took a near two mile hike in the rocky trails in the woods--then we walked to DSW--where I got some cute (on sale) boots and then we walked over to a BBQ spot to load up on to-go BBQ.
(Strollers are basically grocery carts!) 

It felt so great to walk that much...
I seriously would walk everywhere if I could.
It reminds me of my days at UT--where I walked all over the good ole 40 acres. 
And, it reminds me of my times with my sweet friend, Micah! 
I called her a marathon walker! That girl would walk everywhere.  Eventually she introudced me to her way of exploring the city. Plus, it was good for us and got our blood flowing.
Endorphins is God's creation for a natural high! Thank you Lord!

As for this week,
we're busy!
I have work up to my eyeballs and deadlines to meet before I head out of town.
Justin is prepping to take a big test in Atlanta, GA. for work..
Add in packing up two kids and myself to head out on a roadtrip is a small feat in itself!

Our time flies!
Btw, this week is Valentine's week--so we have been doing crafts here at The Knuth's.
I'll share on the next post.
On that note,  Justin and I had our Valentine's dinner/date last night. (Monday)
Our babysitters happened to be available so we took their offer to go out for a late dinner at Vespaio on South Congress.
It was a great spot, close to the house--so in case we needed to get home.
The food was great (Italian) and the atmosphere was rustic/romantic.
It was in a historic building on SoCo...
plus you can't beat the views of the Capitol.

I overloaded on carbs and chocolate and we had a nice dinnner and returned home to visit with Carter and Chelsea.
I love and appreciate them so much!

Well, this momma is wrapping up this post with a few OVERDUE pictures of the house that HGTV built. (Ok, not exactly but they sure did a lot for us and we're forever grateful!)
In case you wanted some BEFORE pictures, check out this post...

A big thanks to HGTV and Jonathan and Drew, the Property Brothers!
 (Buying and Selling) for helping us with everything. 
For more information on our episode check here!

Posts to come,
HOT MOM UPDATE and more!


PS--we're currently working on our NEXT big room reveal--
and also Kie's updated BIG boy room--and Kix's space!
Stay tuned

Justin's aquarium TV that he made

bathroom wasnt redone 
Kie's room was not a re-done room--
love the wakeboard suspended over the windows (future wakeboarder!) 
Kie's room actually has changed some--new pictures soon! 

Office space/guest room 

 Always wanted a big world map. And a reminder of my sorority days! (Zeta Tau Alpha!)
Minimal changes in this room  

double shower 

headboard my husband made

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