Friday, August 12, 2011

Living Room Remodel REVEAL!!

So our living room has been officially redone for over a week or so--BUT I'm just NOW POSTING.

I hope you enjoy!! It was a lot of hard work, sweat, time and love! And I'm very pleased with the outcome!
It's functional, fun, comfortable and a bit funky.  I'm posting the awful, brown BEFORE pictures....and the after---are down below.
brown, brown and MORE brown

it was like a bear's den

oh yes and the ceiling...

baby things galore

check out the carpet

 P H O T O S ! ! ! 

those yellow and red cushioned ottomans can be pulled out and used for additional seating

on our ottoman...Old key and a WWII book.  That would be my German husband's.  

b&w framed art work that represents both our loves--
mine being all things France/Europe--
his being all things mechanical (the WWII plane)
and then a cariacture drawing we got at Kaitlin's wedding that represents us both!

Love these pillows--the one of the far left I ordered at the Etsy shop JolieMarche
She's got some great stuff and can customize some of her designs like mine.
"K" Est. 2010 (wedding date)

the pillow in the middle is also from JolieMarche on Etsy.

I painted this piece.

I love little details-these are the knobs on the doors.
They are of an ancient map of the world.

we also added this backsplash of tile to our bar and extended it to have a little breakfast/bar area

comfy and cozy...and inviting. 
Perfect for reading, watching movies or blogging.

breakfast/bar area

I love the exposed beams and wood floors.
seating pillows tossed on the floors for extra seats for friends--and for Kie to crawl over.

That is it, friends and family! I'm very pleased with the everything.
The living room before was big and had no function and a lot of wasted space.  And not to mention everything was BROWN--and the lovely brown shag carpet.  But now it's cozy-light, airy and filled with our favorite things.  I cannot tell you HOW happy this room has made me and our family.  I also have to give credit-where credit is due.  My wonderful handy husband put in all the hardwood floors, tile, helped paint and put in all the baseboards, new blinds, new doors, new bar and fixtures. Also my brilliant aunt helped me out a lot in the layout and design.  She has GREAT taste and a great eye!  Additionally, I have another 3 areas I want to show on the next blog.  Our front porch/yard got a facelift--our back patio and Kie's nursery!

I've been so busy with life lately I haven't blogged in awhile.  But I'll bring everyone up to speed soon!

Until next time!!



  1. you guys did an AMAZING job!!! i love all of it... such great details too!

  2. THIS IS AMAZING. Seriously, amazing! I love it so much! The only thing missing is ME!!!!

  3. Love it! ya'll did an amazing job!

  4. Wow! It looks amazing! You guys did a fabulous job. You must just love spending time in that room now. :)

  5. You did an amazing job with this room - so pretty! Thanks again for sharing! ;)

    Have a great week - looking forward to seeing more of your DIY!


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