Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Happy Saturday!
I'm finally posting last weekend's pictures.
Last Friday we went to Marble Falls to Lake Buchanan.  We rented a (log) cabin for the weekend at Willow Point Resort.  It was such a relaxing, quiet time!

We wanted a weekend to ourselves, out of the city just to get back to the basics.  I love camping but since Kie is still too young for that we decided renting a cabin with all the amenities would be a better idea for now.  Plus, it's still 105 degrees here in Texas.  So A/C is a must!

The cabins were perfect size for us.  They had a queen size bed (in the master sleeping area) a loft with two twins, and a full size pull out couch.  We brought Kie's pack and play along and set up his bed so he felt right at home.

We spent Friday night on the porch, relaxing and taking in the fresh air.  Saturday morning we woke up early to get on the lake.  And to our surprise, NO ONE WAS ON THE WATER.

Which made for a perfect lake day.

We put Kie in his car seat that Justin rigged to the boat that me and J would take turns pulling one another behind the boat.

I'm still learning to wake board--but I'm getting better each time.  It's such an addicting hobby! I'm good at getting up and now I'm learning to get the feel for my new board and ride the wake.

Saturday we cooked burgers on the grill, played some card games like King's in the Corner  and enjoyed a couple of great ciders and took it e-a-s-y.

I LOVE the outdoors.  And it was a nice, short drive out of the city to the middle of nowhere so we could enjoy one another's company.

As for the past week--Kie and I have been busy.
I started my new goal this week of reading the entire Bible--start to finish. MAN IS IT SCANDALOUS!?
Seriously, the Old Testament has some crazy things going on that I don't remember my old Sunday school teachers telling me.
I also organized our entire office--and cleaned out our filing cabinets (Took some great tips from Pinterest)  Also re-organized our pantry, kitchen and storage closets. (Also using more tips and DIY from Pinterest which I'll post later)
We also had a few play dates with friends.
 We went and checked out a new (to me) mexican restaurant for lunch yesterday, Zocalo with my friend Michelle downtown. And wow I've missed her so much!  She's a nurse and stays really busy on the weekends.  But I'm hoping work will slow down soon for her and we can get together more often.
Then last night I celebrated one of my best friend's birthdays at one of my favorite restaurants, Hyde Park Bar and Grill.

I swear, August has FLOWN by!
I'm praying soon this hot weather will go just as fast.

Anyway-tonight I'm excited because me and J will be going out for Justin's work party.
They are having a party because Land Rover won the Pinnacle Award-which basically means their business here in Austin was rated as one of the top Land Rover's in the country.

It's a rare award to win--but Justin's dealership has received it a lot in the past.  They have some great parties for everyone that works there.  Which includes great dinner and free drinks.

So this evening we are heading out to 6th street (if you're not familiar with Austin's 6th street-it's equivalent to Bourbon Street in New Orleans--but a bit cleaner) and having dinner at the very delicious Iron Cactus and then going across the street to Ester Follies, a comedian club.

Needless to say, I'm pumped up for great Mexican food, free drinks, stand up comedians and a night to put on some fun clothes/heels and go out with my man.

I do try to get dressed up 3 or more times a week.  Because it is SO easy to stay in elastic when you're a SAHM.  So for accountability purposes I do put on a pair of jeans here and there.  I may only wear them at the grocery story but hey it's better than me rocking my pjs in public.

alright enough rambling, here's some pictures of this past week.

Until next time,


Kie wearing momma's headband

love this picture of Kie in the background


Kie's first tube ride


boat from our cabin--yes the water is down a lot. we've been in a serious drought

view from our cabin 

porchin it

morning view

breakfast with pa

AM wake boarding time

heading down to the beach

Kie and his car seat strapped in to the boat.


ha love this picture

sitting on the porch waiting on dad to get home 
Yea dad is home!

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  1. Love the pics! so sweet! glad yall had a good time!


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