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Momma HK's **Top Baby Items**

This is SO overdue.  I was going through the dozens and dozens of drafts I had in my blog files and realized I never posted this.  Well it's about 3 months late but here you go!

So I decided I wanted to make a little list of the TOP things I used right when Kie was born (and some I still do.)

It's funny how BEFORE you have a baby you think you know what to get for one.  You go to the baby stores, spend a lot of money, register for everything under the sun---and ONCE the baby arrives, you realize the $200 swing you got was a waste because they hate it.  Or that the $20 diaper changing mattress is what the baby PREFERS to sleep on verse the $800 crib you JUST HAD TO HAVE!

Of course every baby is different.  Just like every pregnancy, every delivery and every mom and baby.  So take this for what it's worth!

Also these are in no particular order--I will stress the importance of some of the items in our life!

1. The Boppy:
I love my Boppy.  First off, I had a C-section and it was so hard to hold Kie those first few days and weeks to nurse.  So the Boppy really was helpful in holding him and keeping him at a great level to nurse. I just threw it around my waist and laid him on it.  Ta-da! Closest seat to the 24 hour buffet (oh new moms do you feel me?!)  Also, they are good for tummy time and aiding the baby in sitting up.  I actually got my Boppy from a friend (who never nursed) and I put a cute new cover on it.  (Sold separately!)

2. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump:
This was such an important item to have those first few weeks.  I was trying to get my milk to come in (since I was separated from Kie and did not SEE him for 3 days after delivery).  I used it to try to stimulate some milk production.  Not only was it great for those first few days but I used it a lot to store up and freeze milk.  I love my breast pump.  It comes with two pumps to use at a time but I normally just use one at a time.  I also got a hilarious breast pump bra that you can use to attach the bottles to.  Needless to say, I won't be posting a picture of that.

I still use my breast pump (Kie is still breast fed--9 months and going strong!)
It is a MUST HAVE for mother's that are breast feeding.
They are expensive but worth every penny!  Also, I have a car charger pack that I use on long trips to pump and serve milk to Kie while he's in his car seat.  That way we aren't stopping as much.

3. Eddie Bauer Pack n' Play:
Kie LOVED his pack n' play.  For the first 5-6 months of his life he slept in the Pack n' Play either in our room or down the hall from our bedroom.  I was thinking we made a BIG mistake in spending so much on a crib.  (Close to 1k--however it turns into a full bed with rails/headboard)  Anyway, the pack n' play is great because you can take it anywhere! We have taken it to the park, on vacation, to grandmother's and it provides a clean, safe environment for your baby.  Kie now sleeps in his crib but we have his pack n' play ready to go for quick vacations or for those short evenings he stays with his uncle across town.  I personally loved the Eddie Bauer because it was grey, black, red and plaid.  It was very boyish!  It also came with a mobile, a changing station (we never used).  And a night light that played music and vibrated.  KIE LOVED IT!  That was his favorite thing.  In fact, I was worried he'd never sleep with out it being on. (But like I said, he's trained now!) Also, the pack n' play is super easy to put up and take down.

4. The Snuza
So I found out a little bit late about this great gadget.  But I highly HIGHLY recommend it to new mommas.  Mainly because those first few weeks and months--are usually spent NOT sleeping and watching your baby sleep.  I was terrified of SIDS.  And this monitor helps ALARM parents to when their child isn't breathing throughout the night.  You can read my post about it-- Click me! Or Google it!  It really helped me sleep better.  Kie doesn't wear it now because he crawls everywhere and usually sleeps on his stomach.  So I took it off when he was about 6 months.  Anyway, I really wish I had it those first weeks otherwise I wouldn't of aged quite so much it.

5. Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller with Car seat
I LOVE my baby stroller.  It is great because it's light weight--and has real tires--not the plastic ones.  It has a snap in for your car seat--also has speakers and plug in for your iPod!  I loved it because it came with the car seat and booster to snap in the car and into the stroller with EASE!  It folds up and takes up little space in my SUV.
I was having major cabin fever those first few weeks from home since I couldn't drive. I was suppose to take it easy for 6 weeks after the c-section--but I just had to get out of the house....so my stroller was a blessing.  I still use it--with out the car seat in it.  And Kie even can fit in the car seat still...but it is running a bit small.  It says it fits babies up to 35 lbs and Kie is around 22 now.  Overall it was a great deal.  I think it was close to $200 for the 3 in 1. And it's been worth every penny!  I love it because it's durable and we have taken it to Mt. Bonnell and to Town Lake--and those trails are definitely rough--and our stroller is great!  (Also has great storage for shopping and it turns easily!)
--I also have a Phil & Ted's jogging stroller ($500) that I adore too!  It isn't as big and is great for easy, quick runs to the store but it's pretty expensive. Otherwise the Baby Trend is good for BIG shopping excursions or when you need to load it up with a lot of things.

6. The Bumbo
Perfect when baby needs help sitting up (so comes little later down the road) and a great feeding chair to keep baby STILL when trying to navigate a spoon into their mouth.  I also love putting the Bumbo on the counter--and letting Kie watch me cook.  Of course he's far away from the edge and not near the oven.  It also gets a newly baby off their back or tummy for a bit so they can work on their neck muscles.

7.  The Baby Bjorn-
I loved the Baby Bjorn for those first few months that you can wear your baby around.  Kie quickly got to be a hefty lil man so I used it less than my husband did.  I cannot tell you HOW adorable and precious it was to see Kie man in his carrier.  Especially when J would wear it and be vacuuming!  I also tried out and purchased a few other baby carriers.  I have the Moby and I do like it but when your baby is fussy and has little patience tying a Moby around you isn't so easy.  I also had a few slings that I liked as well, but Kie quickly outgrew them.  Out of the few slings and carriers I tried, I still went back to the Baby Bjorn because it was quick, comfortable and adjusted to Kie as he grew.  You can wear it forward or backwards--and it was quick and easy to put on without anyone to assist you.

8. Baby Monitor-
I cannot even tell you what brand of monitor I have.  Though it is pretty cool--it tells you the temperature of the baby's room and allows you to talk back to the baby.  Originally we got the screened monitor so we could watch Kie sleep, but the DAY we set it up I saw a 20/20 News Report on how easily the digital lines could be accessed and other's could view your baby! Plus the monitor was so expensive, so we took it back to get a regular one.  To be honest, we didn't use to monitor for the first few months because I often slept with Kie or he slept in our room.  But now with him being so much older, it is so nice to wake up to him baby talking or playing in his crib.  It also has a super far range, so we can take the monitor outside to our back patio and still hear him!

9. Onesies, Zip Up Pjs with Feeties, and Spit Up Blankies-
Ok so maybe I cheated a bit with adding all these in one.
And perhaps you're thinking--DUH, hello--I know my baby needs clothes!
Well, sure baby needs clothes.  And those cute precious outfits with all the buttons and all the ruffles are so cute when your sweet one is wearing them.  But putting them on IS another story!
Quick and easy to change is best in MOST situations.  Especially if your bundle of joy likes to spit up. Or if they are still young and can't regulate their body temperature.
Kie was born in November and the weather here in Texas usually changes from 100 degrees to 50 degrees with little warning. So Kie wore lots of onesies that could be layered with other things.
Also, getting access to a stinky diaper is easier when you're not wearing tights, jeans and other crazy things.  Like wise, Spit-Up blankies should be cute and easily accessed as well.  They need to be in your purse, your diaper bag, your car, over your shoulder--and everywhere those first few months.  They are also very multi-functional.  They wipe spit, drool, food and milk.  They can clean hands, face and can be made into an emergency diaper!  You never know when you'll need a blankie so ALWAYS be prepared.  (They also cover up the milk leaking from your breasts through your shirt)  So yes, get a cute blankie or two, because you just never know ;)

10. The Sleepeasy Solution Book-
This book SAVED my life, literally! You can buy it here! I was so sleep deprived I could NOT function.  Kie never slept. He woke up every two hours during the night to nurse.  He never napped and he was on NO schedule whatsoever.

Until one glorious day my husband came home during his lunch break with this LIFELINE!
I was so skeptical. I mean, seriously--he had mentioned how his friend with TWINS trained their babies at 4 months old with this book. But me, being hardheaded said "I didn't need any help from anyone!"  That was when Kie was 5 months old.  Fast forward 1 month later and I was a desperate woman.
I read the book in an hour or two and started training Kie that night.
In two days or so, he was trained. And it has MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!
I should make a blog just about this book because it was that AMAZING!

Buy it now---and have it ready!! Kie goes to sleep at 7:30pm every nights-sleeps WITHOUT waking up until 9am or later.  Then he NAPS every two hours during the day. YES, NAPS EVERY TWO HOURS!

I cannot explain how great it was finding this book! So I'm passing the word onto you.  You can thank me later ;)

Alright--well this post was WAY over due.  But I did finally get it posted.  Also, these are just my personal opinions and I was not paid to give any testament towards any of these products!
I hope some of this information will be useful for any new mommies out there!!

Until next time,


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