Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras & a wee bit of venting

It's been nearly a year since I found out we were pregnant.
It's crazy what a year can do.  (That was my motto of 2010).

But I'll get to that in just a bit.

Right now the Knuth household has been a bit under the weather.  My husband got sick the weekend before last.  He was finally getting over some horrible virus when Friday--- Kie and I got sick!  Kie had a fever of 103.4 which terrified me!  Luckily I have some great momma friends, nurse friends and pharmacy friends that helped me through the tough time.

Kie actually got a lot better in a matter of twenty-four hours!  Which is way better than Justin and I.  Justin took a week to get over his flu/virus fun.  I think it took so long for him to get well because my man works so much that it gave him little time to get better.

As for me, I still am under the weather.  Yet Kie is thriving!  I swear, breast milk does wonders! He does have a little cough though.
   I feel like I've been more sick this year (2011) than I ever have.  Just a month ago I was sick for a few weeks.  I think my immune system took a hit with pregnancy, my surgery (c-section) and all the complications.  And not to mention I breast feed around the clock.  That means little sleep for momma.  Though I may add, there are the few nights every now and then Kie wakes up only once or twice.  Which I can definitely deal. Yet it's those nights he prefers to wake, eat and play all night that wears me out.

Speaking of, Kie turned four months on Thursday!  Which meant his four month shots.  (Not fun for a momma or for baby.)  Kie was looking and feeling great with the doctor.  But of course his fever and virus came in on Friday evening RIGHT when the doctor's office closed.  Funny how that seems to happen.

Lil man is now 16lbs & 8oz! And 25 inches!  He is growing so fast!  

I have a lot of funny pictures I'll be posting soon.

This weekend was spent having quality time with family.  It was so nice.  (Minus the loads of medicine I was taking and monitoring Kie like a hawk!)  Also, ladies and mommies....I have the Snuza Halo now and I'm so glad it came in when it did. 
I got it from Amazon.  It really helped give me a peace of mind this weekend when Kie was sick.  Mainly because it monitors his movements and breathing.  Since Kie is coughing I was worried about shallow breathing, luckily the Snuza helped me feel as though there was extra help on watching him.

I love it!  I just wish I would of known about this product four months ago!  Needless to say, I've been trying to spread the word to other moms and new soon-to-be moms.  I think it's a must need.

This weekend we watched some great movies, ate take out (whoo hoo) --though I really don't like too much take out, it was nice not having to cook or clean.  Justin helped me tremendously with Kie since I was feeling bad.

I'm praying that I feel 100% asap.  I definitely am breaking my fever because I go between freezing cold and sweating.  I feel like this must be a preview of menopause.  At least the crazy hot flashes.

Now for some wee bit of venting....

so Justin and I have a million and one goals.  A lot of them involve our house.  A lot of them involve traveling.  A lot of them involve Kie. (Duh) 

But, I sometimes get OVERWHELMED by them.  Not so much the traveling or all the fun adventures we want Kie to experience...but more so the house.

Justin has all these great ideas for our house.  The man has an imagination like an eight year old.  I say that in a respectful manner.   I just am saying he has a limitless imagination. And I think that's amazing and one of the many reasons why I love him.  He is the least boring & most creative man I know.

He has a lot of ideas for renovating the house.  Many of the ideas we have started.  Or started getting materials for.  He wanted a water feature for our house.  We got it.  We want a stone wall to replace one of the existing walls in our living room, so he bought all the stone.  (It's beautiful).  He wanted a wall of windows so we bought them.  We wanted to match our hardwood floors from the original house (from the 1950's) so we bought the very expensive hard wood flooring.

Veneer stone wall 
We have really got started and bought most of the things we need to complete the living room and one wing of our house.   It's just the time that we don't have.

I personally have the time.  But I don't think I can demo and renovate the house and carry a four month old around.

I just wish (for my own family) that I could get Justin the time to do the stuff he wants to do. 
It's really hard for him to skip out on work.  He works all day during the day, comes home to do more work at his own personal business and he usually is done around 8pm or so. Maybe later. Sometimes he's finished earlier if I ask him in advance to be home.

He does put family first.  But he's also the sole provider, so by him working he is putting family first.

Getting the house done this year is a big goal that I hope we obtain.  I know once the demo is started it will be crazy and life with a baby learning to crawl and walk is going to be hard due to the house being in construction mode.  I guess that's why I stress about it.  Since we will be living here while working on it.

Now to Mardi Gras!

Tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY! Whoo Hoo!

Last year, I went out with Justin and our friend, Paul, for hurricanes and Cajun food.  Luckily for me, I didn't drink too much.  I more so enjoyed the food.
Out celebrating Fat Tuesday wearing my beads!
Me & J

Wow, that's crazy how time flies....little did we know we'd be finding out we're expecting the following Saturday!

This Mardi Gras, I think we'll just be staying in.  I might make some gumbo or jambalaya to celebrate.  Maybe even have a homemade hurricane!

And for Lent---I'm giving up on chocolate. (Chocolate is my drug of choice!) And fast food.
To be really honest, we don't eat fast food.  Our version of take out is usually BBQ at Pokejos or a salad from Chilis.

But, I don't even want to do that anymore. So for Lent I personally will be eating everything natural and clean.  I want to have a clear body, mind and soul for Easter.  So I will use these 40 days to reconnect to God and also hope that a healthier diet will get me out of this sick/virus season we have going!

I'm excited for this Spring/Summer! It's funny how this time last year my life took a major turn--in a wonderful, couldn't of been more blessed--kind of way!  

Well I gotta get back to my little man.  He's gotten good at playing and entertaining himself for about 10 minutes at a time.  Which allows me time to run back and forth to finish a blog, fold some laundry, do a quick shower or enjoy my 5th cup of coffee! lol

What are you doing for Fat Tuesday? And will you be giving up anything for lent?!

Until next time,

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  1. happy 4 months to your little man! mine turns 4 (months) TOMORROW! i love how close they are in age. you and your hubby look fabulous.. and i love that stone wall in that picture! great ideas!


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